Jun 23, 2013

Tommie Copper!

Tommie who!

This is a new product, not even 2 years on the market.  By accident we saw the infomercial while still on the Isla in Mexico and thought that there was a great chance that this product would be great to decrease pain.

So I watched the infomercial and went online to the site and read all of the testimonials.

Wow, I could relate to so many of them.

So as the cost was so very small I ordered the ladies compression shorts and a knee sleeve.  We picked them up in Yuma on our second day back in the US in April and I have been in love ever since.  I have been sleeping in those shorts.  The most amazing thing is that I have no idea I am wearing them.  They are so very light and you do not feel the heat of the summer wearing them.  But most important of all is that they worked.  My pain did not go away totally but it decreased significantly. I would not hesitate to suggest you buy whatever piece might be of help to you.  I even went a few days, here and there, without wearing my Tommies and felt the difference.  As soon as I put my shorts back on the pain went away….mostly.  I wanted to be sure and did this off/ on experiment several times.  I always heaved a sigh of relief putting them back on.

All I can say is it works for me and if you have pain I don’t hesitate to suggest you give it a try.

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  1. Sounds like a good comercial, glad they work for you.

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