May 12, 2013

Still have stuff to do

So in between booking new flights to Edmonton and about 1000 emails sorting things out we got our plant pots planted .  Last year with the selling of the house and the building of this one we did not plant anything.  It has been so very very hot here but the forecast is for cooler temps so I decided that Saturday was the day.

Perfect day to plant as the coming weather will support the new plants.

I am happy to say that while the weather here is less than stellar it will be perfect in Edmonton 🙂

We had picked up some wonderful plants last Wednesday at this most wonderful nursery we recently discovered. The rest we picked up midday Saturday while we were out voting and picking up potting soil. Note the dry patch in the middle foreground...not sure if it is from window glare but we will water it a bit ( in addition to our usual irrigation system ) to get it repaired. You can see that the clouds are coming in. It was still 29C and HOT with humidity.

This is our very special turtle planter we picked up one year just before Christmas in Mazatlan. We went back the next week but they were all gone. I think they came from Guadalajara.

Caeli just sleeps wherever and whenever! But who is the stanger behind that cool hat?

So this morning we awoke to rain just as predicted.  Thankfully Colin was able to get our repair guy to caulk the length of the roof between the park home and the sunroom late yesterday afternoon.  So far we are leak free.

We spent Mothers Day cleaning, cooking, doing some company business, laundry and a bunch of stuff.  Wishing all you Mothers out there the most specialist of days.  Make some memories with your family!!  I get to hug my Mom tomorrow 🙂

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  1. Bob says:

    Enjoy your time with your Mom. Sure wish I had spent more time with mine.
    Have a safe flight.

  2. Always more stuff to do.
    Enjoy the visit with your Mom.

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