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May 31, 2013

Repair week…..

So far this week we got the water softener back to perfect working condition with no sulphur odor.  A fellow came out to show me why I was having problems with the fabric softner in our new washer.  All I can say is ” not my fault”.  Colin figured out where to put the printer […]


May 30, 2013

I did it !

This morning I went to Weight Watchers where upon weighing in I reached my Lifetime Goal.  I have lost 32 pounds in the last ten months.  Good on me. This is my third go round with Weight Watchers.  I have lost weight each time.  The only reason I gained back the pounds since July of […]


May 29, 2013


…and kind wishes and wonderful words and positive thoughts have all helped. THANK YOU !!! The past few days have been busy with my appointments.  I have one today and then two on Friday and then I am pretty much done until the hip surgery whenever that will be.  My mind will be freer by […]


May 28, 2013

What to say, what to do?

The past few days have been beyond tough for me.  I have wanted to share my feelings and thoughts with you.   You,  my blog family mean the most to me and I mean that just the way I say it.  You mean the very most to me!!  You all responded to my 60th and […]


May 25, 2013

Are you eligible to winter in the USA?

Many of you are snowbirds from Canada who travel to the USA for the winter.  But are you eligible to do so?  Do you know the current rules? The following is a guest post by Ken Bartlett.  He is an RVer who spends his winters down south.  The following applies whether you are an RVer […]


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