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Apr 17, 2013

What we saw today….

It was a chilly 53F inside the RV yesterday morning, the promise of things to come.  We didn’t leave until 10:30AM as we wanted to avoid rush hour traffic through Sacramento.  Just as we were in the midst of the freeway maze an old Ford van pulled up right next to us.  We both heard […]


Apr 16, 2013

Where are we today?

We stopped at Love’s in Tehachapi as Colin had another tire question.  Oil was spewing from the lugs and he just wanted to check that that was normal.  Back on the road 10 minutes later.  It took until 11:30AM for the outside temperature to reach 65F, our lows on the Isla.  What a strange spring […]


Apr 15, 2013

Lake Havasu to the Mojave Desert

While Colin backed us up and rehooked the car I was preparing fruit for us to munch on as we drove.  We knew the moment we left Arizona and hit California, the roads are so very bumpy.  It is a good thing that we ride on air bags and have independent front suspension.  After a […]


Apr 14, 2013

Surprise news / Comedy of errors

We reluctantly left our Quartzite camp and headed into Lake Havasu City at about 9:50AM.  First stop was to pick up 9 bags of dog food which should last us until mid October.  The girls are on a special Hill’s kibble which is almost 50% cheaper here in the USA.  The vet was not available […]


Apr 13, 2013

Good news, bad news and possibly, worse news

The good news is that both Colin and I found some clothes.  We had tried all of the big stores to no avail and decided to hit Kohl’s. Bingo!!  Everything was on sale and there were some very very nice things.  I have never shopped at a Kohl’s before and will try it again.  Best […]


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