Apr 23, 2013

Cleaning up and a lovely surprise!

Monday was spent cleaning up the crap mess.  The park did send two young guys in to do the dirty work but Colin not only supervised but made them power wash our area once the initial pick up was completed.  He also did many chores outside with the main one being to unpack the shed of our patio furniture so we could put other stuff in the shed.

Meanwhile I was inside working on the 12 loads of laundry that needed doing.

I also had to open all the mail delivered since Nov. 15th and start to get organized for our company year end as well as personal taxes. The due date is the end of April.

Caeli enjoyed being out in the sun but she did keep escaping and Carmeh even joined her once. We found where they got out and that should be fixed for a while. It seems they prefer to be at Robert and Michelle's than our place. Remember how on the Isla they were always escaping to either Helene's or to Deb's. They know that the grass is greener on the other side.

I have been without a desk for close to a year. I sent it to our wood craftsman, Vi, to be stripped and refinished last spring. Colin had surprised me with this custom made roll top desk early in our marriage and we decided to get it changed from an oak to a cherry like finish. Vi delivered the desk after 6PM Monday and it is just fabulous. It is so very perfect and much nicer than we had envisioned. I was so happy I had tears in my eyes. Poor Vi was promptly given more work to do for us. Everything he has done in this home has been beyond perfect.

I now get to unpack many more boxes that will go into the desk drawers.  I am also looking forward to sitting at my desk to do the year end.  The computer desk is too low and the dining room table is too high but my desk is just perfect.

Once the sun went down yesterday it got cool very quickly. Without any heat source to keep it warm inside we enjoyed at toasty 75F while it was 45F outside. Even with all the windows we seem to be well insulated.

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  1. marty says:

    It was 15F this morning, a new record low. We’re hoping it warms up later in the week. Looks like you have a bit of work ahead of you before you can rest.

  2. At least the weather is warming up slowly, summer will soon be there.

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