Apr 22, 2013

Crap and a shared bath

This entire return home has been full of firsts for us.

We had no idea how the RV was going to fit in front of our new home.

It fits just fine, much better than we could have hoped. We were even able to put the bedroom slide out and unload all the drawers and cupboards easily. The living room can be unloaded without putting out the slide.

Another first was the decision to unload the entire RV on the inside other than pots and pans, etc.  All the food was coming out.  We have used the beach site for the RV storage and we would often weekend in the RV even though our old house was just across the road.  However this year for the first time the RV is going into storage and at this point we don’t see us using it again until we head south in October.

Does anyone need any groceries? I had a good deal of things doubled including spices. Also I think because we have lived in the RV for almost 18 months I just had piled things in it every and anywhere.

This was also the first time we were fulling unloading into a new kitchen and I had to figure out where things would go.  Not an easy task.  Of course I ran out of cupboard space.  I really can pack a lot into the RV.

After 5 hours of unloading we realized we couldn’t do it all.  Just for the heck of it I called security and they came by and asked how many nights did we want to leave it parked out front for, 2 or 3!!  Wow, we had no idea that being this far off the road was acceptable.  In our old place we unloaded the heavy stuff and then parked the RV on the beach site and continued to unload by walking across the road.  This is great news for us, another first.

The entire time we were unloading the girls stayed in the RV.  They were not wanting to come inside the house.  We finally carried them in.  They did check out the yard and all the goose poop on the patio. What a mess but now that we live here perhaps we can train the geese to not come up on our lawn and patio.

The girls decided that the bed was the place to hang out. Carmeh looks so sad. She is using her sister's rump as a pillow. Caeli as usual is good as long as she is sleeping.

First thing Sunday morning the sh*t hit the ground.  Colin had gone out and around to the side of the house to regenerate our water softener in anticipation of my 10 loads of laundry. First thing he saw was crap all over the place, another first.

We have much more graphic photos but this should give you the general idea. We called the gate house and they sent someone from maintenance. Under our water softener, our propane tank and under the house.

No one knew if it was us who had caused the problem or even what the problem was.  A few neighbors came out and once people started looking it seemed that eveyones’ sewer was filling up to the top of the pipe.  Finally a plumber was called in and he worked for several hours in the main road through the manholes and then a more specialized unit came to the park after 6PM.  After several attempts it seemed that something was pushed/blown thru the line and things should be better.

Meanwhile water use was affected, no laundry, toilet or baths.  There was no water restriction put into effect but we knew that if we used water we would of course have more crap come out of our sewer.  At the end of the day yesterday we moved the RV onto a friends site for inside cleaning before its final summer destination in the storage yard.

Meanwhile I was tired, very sore from all the physical work and really wanted a bath. So we filled the tub and shared a bath. The plan was to leave the water in the tub until the sewer was repaired. And no there are no photos of the shared bath.

Dinner, many glasses of vino and the end of another day.

We love our new home.  It really is good to be home.

What will Monday bring?

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7 Responses to “Crap and a shared bath”

  1. Peter says:

    Looks like you might benefit from a trip to the food bank…

    • contessa says:

      Peter….indeed and some has been sent that way.

      George…you have to remember that when we travel to Mexico we have to bring many items that can’t be purchased there. It is much easier to travel in the US and shop often. Other than fresh fruits and veggies we seldom grocery shop in Mexico. Being vegetarian and now gluten free makes it that much more difficult.

      Maria…so far so good, maybe I should write a text book about it!!

  2. You sure pack a lot in that Rv. Seven years living in our coach we sure don’t have anywhere near that much food.
    Looks like you are enjoying your new home thou.

  3. maria says:

    welcome home. If you can find a way to train the geese to poop in a desinated area let me know, I would like to train them to not poop on the greens at the golf course as well .

  4. longdog2 says:

    Glad that you made it home safely with all the weather. What a mess with the sewer. Your neighbors were probably very lucky you discovered the sewer problem. Goose poop is so nasty.

  5. Not a nice sight to come home to. I sure hope that they get it all cleaned up and fixed up before to long.

    Happy to see you made it home safe and sound and once those taxes are done you can sit back and relax compared to your year last year.

    • contessa says:

      Kevin….anything new will be done on Mexican time….

      Longdog….good point, if it wasn’t for us finding the problem it would likely have become much worse.

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