Apr 21, 2013

We almost never got back home

There was no problem in crossing back into Canada on Friday morning.  The new question at the border was giving her our license plate information and where it was registered.  The usual how much did you spend and how long were you away and how much alcohol.  I admitted to having one extra bottle and there was was no charge at all.  It seems that most produce and dairy as now allowed back into Canada as long as they have no stones or pips.

Next stop was Walker Heavy Duty in Delta for our annual RV maintenance.  Our big concern was our air bag problem, turns out we needed a new valve for $119.00.  That was an easy fix, thank goodness.  While the RV was being serviced we headed into Ladner for groceries and wine.  Sticker shock!  No choice but to pay.  Fortunately we live in a cheaper world half the year.  The good news was that the entire RV service was only $670.00 and we are good to go for another year.  However if we add in the cost of the 2 new tires and the exhaust clamp we had repaired last November in Vegas it adds up to $2485.00.  Still not bad to keep a 40′ bus in top shape.

Next stop was our annual halibut dinner at Katie and Louie's, what a great meal as always. Carmeh knew where we were from over a mile away and started barking as we neared their home.

Sadly we had to say adios as we still had to drive to the Walmart in Chilliwack for the night.

Finally got to bed just after 11PM, we didn’t bother to put out the slides, we were tired and of course it was raining hard!  We were on the road by 7:30AM Saturday and having checked that the Coquihalla was clear  proceeded with that route.

It wasn't long before the rain turned to snow.

After Merritt, once we got on the Connector ( 97C ) to Kelowna things started to change.

We have driven in snow before but this was becoming almost impossible. We could not see and there was no place to pull over.

It wasn't until we got to the bottom of the Brenda Mine hill that we heaved a sigh of relief. I bet you we will be doing the Fraser Canyon again next April. Too back as it is much longer but safer.

We got to Holiday Park at 1230 PM and it took an hour to unhook and position the RV so we could start unloading.  We worked for several hours and will continue the job today.

This morning I read that the Coquihalla had a weather warning yesterday late in the day….

Saturday 9 p.m.: Drive BC alert.

Highway 5 Both directions.

Heavy snowfall and poor visibility from Exit 202, Portia Interchange (Hope) to Exit 256, Kingsvale (Coldwater Road) (Merritt) (54.8 km).

Travel is not recommended unless absolutely necessary. Please use alternate route.

I would say that we are lucky to be back home.

Time to get back to unloading and putting away.

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10 Responses to “We almost never got back home”

  1. KenB says:

    Welcome back home and having survived the Coq. Yes I saw the snow warning and was concerned. The Connector is always a bigger danger than the actual Coq since it is over 5,000ft at the summit, approximately 1,000ft higher than the Coq.

    Enjoy your new lovely home and turn up the heat!

    All the best KenB

    • contessa says:

      Ken…the heat has been up and the fireplace on.

      Shelagh….oh how very very awful for you and your car!! Colin won’t drive the Coq if there is loose gravel on the road. Girls not happy, what do you expect?

      Connie…who has time to breathe 🙂

      Jean….looking forward to the sun and heat.

      Rod…..I guess we should have come back the way you did.


      Marty…thanks for advice, I wish I could take it.

      TnT…thank you. When the ice forms on the windshield wipers it is time to get off the road but like yourselves we could not. I don’t want to experience that again.

      George….I totally agree with you.

  2. Shelagh says:

    Welcome home, last November we drove the Coq in our brand new one month old car. it was pitch black and snow covered the road as well as fog. We were terrified, sadly our windshield got cracked and chips in the paint from a passing yahoo driving too fast.
    How are the girls?

  3. Connie in PA says:

    Oh, so happy that you made it back home safely – take a deep breath first!!!

  4. Jean says:

    Know the feeling driving in snow and no where to safely pull over. Enjoy your new home and the good weather they are promising.

  5. Rod Williams says:

    Glad you made it home safely. My in-laws came the same route the previous day with no issues what-so-ever. 24 hours can make a big difference this time of year, can’t it.

  6. Janet Ashworth says:

    Welcome back!

  7. marty says:

    Glad you made it safe. Take your time unpacking, get some rest first.

  8. Trent and Teresa says:

    Home, Sweet Home !!

    Welcome home … It must be an extra thrill, because you are coming back to your NEW home !!

    Our last day of travel found us in snow and ice, but we couldn’t get off the hiway because the exits were not plowed yet. Very nerve wrecking. We couldn’t see well because the wipers had so much ice on them.

    You must be exhausted, just take your time, and it will all get done !!

    Take care … TnT

  9. Welcome back to Canada.
    Too bad the winters are are so hort down south and so long up north.

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