Apr 19, 2013

Last night in the USA and they want to take our RV away.

It was a 325.4 mile day and from Tacoma north it was wet! Rush hour starts at 2PM and we were in bumper to bumper through Tacoma to Marysville for over two hours. How do these people drive this everyday?

When I write miles here I do mean miles and not KMs.  We imported our RV from the US and it registers miles on the odometer. We had no problems on the road and are about to leave Marysville this morning for a run to the border.  We have a 10AM appointment for our annual RV maintenance in Vancouver, B.C.

Back to the Pacific NW.

Final shopping at Walmart. Some things are just so very much cheaper than in Canada.

New rules here at the Marysville Walmart. You can still overnight at Home Depot, Cabela's and the Casino. We were told that they might knock at our door at 2AM to make us move. No one came knocking and the other 13 RV's were still here at 7AM.

We did get lost for about 45 minutes at the end of the day yesterday and had a scenic tour of Marysville while trying to find Kohl’s.  Remember we had earned $50.00 worth of coupons while shopping in Yuma, to spend starting April 18th.  Found the store and with careful shopping, by picking sale items, I got  $93.01 of items all at no charge.  Now that was a bargain.

Colin took this by accident and I thought my parents might enjoy the close up of what they had created.

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  1. Nice to wrap up you last day in the USA with some good deals.
    And kinda nice they did not tow your Rv away with you sleeping inside.

  2. marty says:

    Almost home! Your BC home that is.

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