Apr 18, 2013

I found spring today!!

Wednesday started out at 30F  ( -1C ) outside and 44F (6C ) inside.  Really not a great way to start the day but it did get better, eventually.  Turns out that the 2 new heaters both stopped working this morning once we turned on the generator and plugged them in. Raley’s cheerfully refunded our money, only now we don’t have a heater.

The girls refused to go out for a walk and stayed under multiple layers of blankets.

We finally got going about 10:45AM, late as usual.  But we so enjoy our mornings.

Still lots of snow at the Siskiyou Summit of 4310 feet.

Not too much exciting on the drive today except I did see 2 deer along the side of the road.  A first for me on I5.  We had to fuel up and got diesel for 3.969 per gallon.  Diesel prices are much much cheaper than last year when we paid between 4.459 and 4.409 per gallon.

It was only a 224 mile day today which I really enjoyed. Doing both passes in the early daylight hours in great. I remember coming into Canyonville in the dark one year.

So where did we end up!  At the Valley River Centre in Eugene Oregon.  Many many thanks to Jean and Skip for their blog which led us here.  This has been an overnight stop for them for three years now.  Once again mille gracias.

We are parked along the banks of the Willamette River and although this doesn't show it we are in just a wee bit of heaven.

The view outside the side RV windows.

We had a special visitor. I think it is a Western Scrub Jay.

The view outside the dirty front window. Yes that is a biker passing by.

In fact there is a 5 mile trail on each side of the river making a 10 mile loop for walkers, dog walkers and bikers. I love it here.

So do the girls except they want to be off leash and all over the place. It was about 62F at 4:30PM.

View from the middle of this bridge.

I had been enjoying the various shades of green all day during the drive and now I was surrounded.

We missed spring in California, all the blossoms were done and the leaves were in place.

Notice the long pants and jacket but I still have bare toes. I hate wearing closed toe shoes and I dislike wearing pants but it is a necessity at times.

I did find spring today. Lucky me. Thanks Jean & Skip.

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