Dec 24, 2012

Starting to feel like Christmas!

Christmas Eve and listening to my French carols and catching up on my blog……perfect.  They sun is shining, the waves are breaking and the 5C's are muy feliz.  We caught our 3rd mouse yesterday, again thanks to the girls pointing out that the trap was full.

Our friends Pat & Gord have been doing a house/dog sitting thing for the past 10 days and we along with other friends were invited to dine.  What made this so special is that it is in a huge ( as in 10,000 sq ft ) Mexican Hacienda right off the Plazuela Machado that has been completely redone by an interior designer.

The house is built in a square surrounding a large courtyard open to the sky.

Everything is very custom.

A beautiful kitchen.

Lots of stained glass everywhere.

Just before dinner there was a knock at the door and my 'free' case of wine was delivered. I had entered a contest online in Mazatlan and I won! About time I collect my winnings.

Pat & Gord made us feel like we are at an extremely high end restaurant. We all thought they should open a restaurant.

From the very best margaritas ever, followed by a wonderful appetizer... the gourmet first course to last bite, it was divine.

No more photos of the liquors, the port and the chocolate decadent desert. What a way to start celebrating the holidays.

They had to pour us into a pulmonia for the trip back the la Isla.

The next night Colin had to settle for homemade pizza.

...I fell asleep halfway through! Carmeh is sleeping on the lounger and Caeli put herself to bed. That left Colin to do the cleanup.

Christmas is almost here and life is good!

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9 Responses to “Starting to feel like Christmas!”

  1. longdog2 says:

    What a lovely evening. The inside of your RV looks great. Feliz Navidad!

  2. Trent and Teresa says:

    Oh, your motorhome looks so warm and inviting.

    Maybe too inviting if you include those pesky mice.

    So nice to see you are surrounded by friends at this holiday time.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family…

    Hugs, TnT

  3. Connie in PA says:

    What fun you are having! Merry Christmas, Contessa and Colin!

  4. Elaine says:

    Merry Christmas to you and Colin…and the furbabies…your MH looks very festive…what a beautiful home your friends got to baby sit…xo

  5. maria says:

    whooo, that kitchen looks amazing.

  6. Barbara VanSickle says:

    Merry Christmas, Colin and Contessa!!
    How Don and I enjoy reading your blog each day, as a matter of fact, we check your blog before we go on line for the local newspaper!
    You have made your place so neat! How we enjoy your pictures of the sunsets and the goings ons!
    Maz is such a beautiful place, and as we are putting another stick of wood in the fire and hearing the howling wind outside, we think of what we have experienced in our last seven years in Mexico.
    We are off to Florida the end of the week for six weeks and then taking a trip to India mid Feb and when we return from that, will go back south.
    We have not written Mexico off, we hope to return, but when and if we do, we will fly there and rent a place, it is just too far for me to travel in that pick up truck!
    Really enjoying our Christmas with the little ones.
    Wishing you both health and happiness in the new year.
    Also, your new place back home looks so lovely, right on the lake, what more could one ask for.
    Take care.
    As ever,
    Don and Barb

  7. marty says:

    One day I am going to celebrate Christmas with palm trees. Have a merry Christmas, all you c’s!

  8. A 10,000 square foot home! Wow, but we much prefer our 300 square feet.
    Your decorations look great!

  9. Kelly says:

    Oooh, I like this post ! I love, love everything Mexican !! Colours, colours everywhere…..

    and your RV home looks so inviting and peaceful..