Dec 22, 2012

Que pasa!

Well other than that fact that my husband borrowed my blog last night life is good.  Actually I seem to have an allergic reaction to something and my chest, arms and neck are lit up like Santa's suit!  I have tried everything I can think of, next step is to delete everything that goes into my mouth that  is new since we left home.  Not fun at all, all red and itchy.

We caught another mouse this morning…….actually Carmeh told us where it was.  Where there is one there are more.

Tres Amigos has had a few comings and goings, one a Mexican family living in their RV fulltime.  Another, an American couple with a 40' 5th wheel drove the road in just for one night.  They are headed further south to check up on their 40' boat in Puerto Vallarta!!

We had an RV1 farewell for our French couple, here for just 3 weeks but already talking about returning next December for longer.

We were entertained with a your girls celebration her 15th birthday. In Mexico this is marked by a special celebration called a Quinceaneras!

Click here for a brief explanation of a young girls most special celebration in her life, often surpassing her wedding.

Our evening concluded with Colin and I having a camera face off. I took this photo.

Colin much more detail in a professional camera! Either way, another great sunset photo.

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5 Responses to “Que pasa!”

  1. Pat says:

    Yes…sorry to say it Contessa, but Colin is definitely the winner in tonight’s photo contest! Exceptional photo last night as well….perhaps Colin should take up photography as a profession??!

  2. Hope you are doing better Contessa. Maybe something bit you? I love the dress on that pretty young girl. It always amazes us the dresses and the photo “shoots” they do for the Quinceaneras! We have also seen some pretty neat ones.

  3. Another great day in paradise hope you are feeling better soon!

  4. Elaine says:

    wow shes gorgeous…ohh to be 15 again…great pictures..hope the allergy is clearing up….fast..

  5. chris says:

    Our bodies can change and one reaction I have which looks like yours is very fresh shrimp. The amount of niacin in shrimp can change with the season and other variables (my brother has studied shrimp for more than 40 years). My reaction is red, itchy and sometimes swollen hands and lips.

    Get well soon!