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Nov 19, 2012

Sitting at Cummins in Las Vegas!

Well we made it to Las Vegas with no incidents.  Thanks Leo for your concerns re the carbon monoxide in your comment.  We kept the vents open while driving and the fantastic fans on.  For certain we have a problem with the engine.  Our appointment was for 7AM and they were right on time.  We […]


Nov 18, 2012

Ely, Nevada

We got here safe and sound.  We only have left just over 230 miles to Las Vegas and our 7AM engine appointment Monday morning. We do have a problem as we can smell carbon monoxide in the bedroom where the engine is, we likely have an exhaust leak.  Which was likely caused by inefficiency from […]


Nov 17, 2012

Too sad to post!

No worries, we have arrived intact in Mountain Home, Idaho, a total of 407 miles.   Not to say we didn't have the odd issue today but we coped and we do have an appointment with Cummins in Las Vegas on Monday at 7AM re an engine issue!!!  Our top travel speed from here on […]


Nov 16, 2012

Very bad start to the trip!!!

It did take longer than expected but we were able to start the engine by 12:15 noon. We got as far as the Holiday Park  parking area where we ho0ked up.  The girls insisted on going out to do their business.  While that happened the Pressure Pro Sensors were warming up and started to beep […]


Nov 15, 2012

Stay or GO?

The past 24 hours have been extremely unsettling.  The circumstances that kept us here till mid November have reared their ugly heads once again.  It was totally unexpected and threw me for a loop.  We regrouped and we are leaving today!!  Soon I hope!! Something also was wrong with the brakes on the toad and […]


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