Nov 28, 2012

We are officially back to being the 5C's!

Years ago we rescued and adopted a Mexican Red Head Parrot while in Acapulco.  We were forced to give her away in July of 2010 due to sudden extreme circumtances in our life at that time and we have missed her.  She is in a good home but we have not seen her.

Every year as we travel through Vicam, Sonora we see vendors selling parrots in small cages.  Last time we asked they wanted 2500 pesos.  Too much for just a few months.  We would not bring the bird back to Canada.  So last Friday, our second day in Mexico, Colin stopped to have a chat with a vendor.  This year there were several birds that Colin liked and the price was 1200 pesos.

Meet Chiquito, the newest member of our family.

The bird is supposedly a male but we don't know what type of parrot it is.  I have spent several hours online to no avail.  Caeli just ignores the bird but Carmeh is obsessed with it.  We got Chiquito for 1000 pesos, about 77.00US dollars.  He is supposed to be 3 months old and of course the cage is way too small for him.

The best we could come up with is an upside down stool on the table.

When Isela and Heriberto arrived at the Pemex in Culiacan that night we came up with a plan.  We would keep the bird till we leave in April and they would pick it up from us as we travelled thru Culiacan and keep the bird while we are in Canada.  Then early in November we would pick the bird back up for the winter and so on.  Sounds like a plan.  We shall see how it works out.

Meanwhile we had been told that Chiquito could not fly.  Well even with just the one wing clipped he is managing to get around the RV.  So this morning Colin took him into our vet in Mazatlan to get the other wing clipped.  It is difficult to train a bird if it can get away.  He also picked up a large  bird cage which we can bring in and out of the RV so it can enjoy being outdoors.  Now I can leave my door open without worrying about the bird escaping.

It was doing a good job of getting out of its original cage.

Colin just got back with a great cage and the news that the birds head has been dyed yellow which I suspected.  Here in Mexico everyone seems to prefer yellow headed parrots so they dye them.  It took us a few years to discover that Cheikka was not a Double Yellow Head.  So now we will wait and see what Chiquito turns out to be.  No wonder I couldn't find him on the internet.

So that was the big surprise....

…now we are back to the 5C's……Colin, Contessa, Carmeh, Caeli and Chiquito!  Those tail feathers are a gorgeous shade of teal.  He is a very vocal bird, no words yet of course but does like to hear his voice.

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9 Responses to “We are officially back to being the 5C's!”

  1. Pat says:

    Well, as a joke I was going to guess that your surprise news was that you were ‘expecting’. Guess I wasn’t too far off after all.

    • contessa says:

      Pat….not too far off at all.

      Nancy…..not really….I have sent you an email and received your reply and will address this in a separate post.

      Croft…..Colin used to raise parotts.

      Rocmoc….we did that in India at the Taj Mahal, so peaceful.

      Elaine…..not sure but I think he knows it.

      Kevin…Colin has had dogs, cats, a monkey and parrots for years!! He loves them all.

      Chuck…could be. Gracias.

      George……crowded yes but we have done it before.

  2. Nancy says:

    You are aware that these are illegally caught birds, right?

  3. Croft says:

    Shared parenthood (parrothood)?

    Check your email. I sent you a question.

  4. rocmoc says:

    I am a Parrot lover & Parrothead. One of my best memories of Chimulco in Villa Corona is sitting out in the early morning near the pools using the WiFi while the Parrots were talking away. Just me & the Parrots!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  5. Elaine says:

    hes a cutie…:)

  6. Dogs are pets. Cats are pets. Birds? Not so much…

  7. CHUCK says:

    In my humble opinion it appears to be a full grown green parakeet, which are very common in Nayarit.

  8. Getting crowded in your coach, enjoy your new addition.