Nov 27, 2012

The last leg of the journey!

We did have a bit of a problem again with the airbags at the Pemex in Culiacan but after several attempts we were good to go and go we went but not until 7:45AM, a bit of a late start.  There is quite a bit of construction on the Autopista mostly before Celestino and after there the road is full of pot holes in both lanes.  Fortunately being higher up we could see which were filled and which were not so do be careful.  Quick stop at the last toll before Mazatlan for food and pee breaks for all.

The road construction in Mazatlan is 50% completed and what is done is great.  I heard that the funds had dried up but they are at work again so we can only hope.  We got to Estrella where the last of the pavement runs out and then we have 8.5 miles to drive on a basic gravel washboard pot holed road.  Surprise!!  After last year's experiences on the road we made several requests for it to be ready for us.  Many other RVers don't mind but we still consider our paint job new from a few years back and want to keep it that way.  Possibly because we arrived later in the season it all worked out.  The road was nicely graded and the brush was totally cut back.  Just perfect.  We drove the road in about 45 minutes. I'm sure that the 2 large coaches that came in yesterday also appreciated the work done.

Carmeh decided to give Colin a break from all that hard driving!

The Amaitlan project and all the gardens are looking wonderful. We still have to negotiate past the horses in front of Lily's.

Finally the entrance to Tres Amigos RV1. RV 2 is just down the road a tad.

Our site just patiently waiting for us.

Joy!!!! The first time in 4 years I have my plumeria blooming when I arrive. Last April I was certain my two trees would be dead. My entire garden except for the hibiscus looks wonderful.

With hired help we got the dog fence completed and the dust screen up. Saved us hours of work. We only arrived at noon so we did have time to get a few things done.

We did not get it all done! We still haven't but everyday is a bit better. Where does all this stuff come from??

Notice the steps in the photo, Colin carried those as is in the back of the HHR.  I still wish we had our Mexican made ones but as I mentioned a few weeks ago they had disappeared.  Another benefit to being delayed as we were able to bring these from home which we will no longer be using as the RV will now be in storage during the summer months.

We have had 3 glorious nights here and are so happy to just be here. The weather is much warmer than normal which is okay by us.

The breeze off the water is very refreshing.

No complaints from us!

We have massages booked for today.  I have been counting down the hours.  Details tomorrow and the big surprise reveal.

Sandy….sunset photo just for you!

Taken Nov. 25th.

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11 Responses to “The last leg of the journey!”

  1. I love the picture of Carmeh driving! I am sure she did a great job staying out of the potholes!

    • contessa says:

      Kevin…she was concentrating so hard.

      Sandy….have been to busy to be out every night but still watch even from inside the RV.

  2. Sandy says:

    Thank you, always love the sunset pictures and I smiled when I saw it and really smiled when I saw the note. Thank you again and will be watching for more as I know they will come.

  3. Ken&Margot says:

    Well done Colin! Just knew I recognised those steps from Kelowna. Probably the most travelled custom made wooden steps on the North American continent.

    Glad you arrived safely and can now settle in for a few months of R&R, not to mention jumbo shrimps from the beach vender. Have had those in the past and they are fab. Have a tremendous winter vacation in your home away from home.

    We move to Mesa Sat 01Dec for the winter, just a days journey from Indio.

    Stay well. KenB

    • contessa says:

      Ken…..amazing eh! Had shrimp last night.

      Rocmoc…..the corner sites are the largest, we waited 3 years for this one and built the palapa last year.

      George…yup, now just the beautifying left to do.

      Elaine…hard to relax for some reason……need more time for just me.

      Longdog….ain’t she though.

      Marty… least you have experienced them in person here in Mazatlan.

      Cat….as you have in Palmull….hope you like it.

  4. rocmoc says:

    Looks like one of the best sites. Love the pics!

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  5. Looks like all is well and you are almost settled in, enjoy!!

  6. Elaine says:

    two words….WELCOME HOME!!! glad your there safe and sound! now relax and enjoy!!

  7. longdog2 says:

    So glad you have arrived and are getting set up. Carmeh is so photogenic not to mention talented!

  8. marty says:

    I will take the sunset pic to heart, too. Looks so inviting!

  9. Catheline says:

    Rome wasn’t built in a day, take your time and enjoy. You have finally reached your Paradise!