Nov 23, 2012

We made it to Mexico!

So very very glad to be here.

The day started at 5:30AM with an email from ROCMOC from, he has been giving great advice to RVers heading into Mexico for many years. He knew we were in the area and kindly invited us to Thanksgiving dinner with his family and friends.  Then he realized we were leaving very early  this morning and drove over to the RV park to meet us.  It was dark and he could not find us.  So very very sorry to have missed you but for certain it will happen in 2013.  What a great way to start the day, hoping to meet a fellow RVer and friend.

We did get up on time and on the road a wee bit late, but non the less by 6:25AM.  Got to the US border by 7:25AM.  I doubt that many are following us but be sure to use the truck lane as the car lane is not passable for large rigs.  It was blocked when we got there but a US boder agent quickly moved the barrel and waived us through unlike last year where we had numerous questions to answer.

Be sure to stay in the truck lane to the right, the maze on the left for the cars is too much for an RV!

A bit further down the road, we went thru the actual Mexican border official crossing where we have always gone thru the regular car lane with no problems.  Today a Mexican officer  insisted we move over 2 lanes to the 'empty truck lane' which was difficult as we had to change the angle of approach at the last minute and made it with 1/2 inch to spare.  The follow was surprised at how close we were to hitting the side of the RV…..of course had we been lined up properly we would have had no problem.  Good thing Colin is such a great driver.  Basically he just wanted to chat but then asked a direct question re the amount of alcohol we had onboard….pretended not to understand too much Spanish…..indicated we had some…..but would buy more in Mazatlan and then we steered the conversation to other directions!!!!

Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seems like we have approximately 25 CASES of vino on board.  Last year we had 19!!  Got an email from a friend questioning my consumption…… do have to realize that I could never drink this amount myself!!  We are entertaining in the RV tomorrow in Culiacan,  plus several more times over the winter with the same people plus we entertain on our site on the Isla with friends and other RVers and do share on the odd occasion 🙂  Plus I have a sister coming to visit end of December!!!  The only time I had excess vino was way back years ago in Acapulco and I sold it for what I paid for it.

Got to KM 21 where we got our proper paperwork done.  We were the first RV there today arriving at 7:30AM but only one caseta was open so that slowed things down.  We had a great fellow at the desk who actually spoke good English but everything was handled in Espanol.  Amazing how ones Spanish does come back.  However he was training another person so all in all it still took an hour.  Good news is that we did not have to go back and forth at all this year, ie no photocopies!!

Then we drove out of the lot and headed to lane #5 for the RV's……..well this guy was bored and had time to spare!!!  We had to show him our passports, our tourist cards ( which by the way are a different form from past years but look almost the same ) which we had just had stamped 5 minutes earlier but he had to check and double check each line on the form.  Then he wanted to check the car permit, then our 10 year RV permit which is good till 2016 inclusive.  Then he did a very very slow walk about the RV and car.  Good he is done I thought as he handed me back the paperwork!  Not so.  He then stated he NEEDED to come inside… problem we said, both knowing that often Mexicans just want to see inside our RV, a glimpse into a different lifestyle.  Sure enough he came in, did a quick visual scan but really wanted to have a conversation with us, about Canada, about why we come to Mexico and just life in general.  We have learnt over the years that you do not rush a Mexican, life is to be taken slowly with the 'que pasa' attitude.  We might be there 10 minutes or an hour, so sit back, get comfortable and enjoy the moment.  Ah…. so good to be back in Mexico.  Eventually he decided to leave and we pressed on.

Even Caeli agrees....'what is Carmeh up to'?

Most of the day was uneventful but no trip is complete without incidents.  The Pressure Pro system aroused some stress re a the car tire but  after 2 stops at various Pemex's ( gas stations ) we  ( Colin of course ) figures out the problem!  Later in the middle of construction stuff we had the protective front window screen on the HHR blow off and it was hanging on by a thread.  We did mange to save it in time despite no place to pull over for miles.

Lots of construction from KM21 to to Hermosillo but nothing serious and easily dealt with.  One day the road will be as perfect as the one from Lukeville to Santa Ana is.

The only RV we saw today was from Manitoba, Canada but we have not seen it since this photo. Maybe it took the wrong detour????

The Hermosillo construction is complete and a joy to drive BUT beware that final turn at the end where normally you are in the left lane to turn towards Guaymas…now you NEED to be in the right lane.  See attached as kindly reported to by Talleyho69 on Nov.3/12.

It seemed that we were suddenly turning down the road to San Carlos….we arrived at 3:05PM and had a big discussion to unhook or not and we did not in the end.  It was about 85F at 3:30PM inside the RV but cooled down nicely.  Only problem, one smoker in the park and it is coming in our windows…..yuck!  Totonaka is the slowest we have seen in 10 years, hopefully they are all headed further south.

Colin took the girls to the beach which they just loved while I did at home stuff.  Relaxed during the evening, appies and vino and fed the girls, walked the girls and then our dinner and an early bedtime.

Yes...this is a beach but it is not OUR beach!!!! No crabs here.....

Not a long drive today, only 284 miles.  Friday will be long, we need to be driving by 7AM.  We hope to be in Culiacan by 4:30PM where we will have our Mexican friends ( Maestro Heriberto and his wife Isela ) join us for music and wine in the RV.

Culiacan is close to 371 miles away!

We will not have internet tomorrow unless things have changed at the Pemex we plan to stay at tomorrow night. So next time you hear from us we should be on the Isla.  Life is good!

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8 Responses to “We made it to Mexico!”

  1. You are getting closer by the minute, enjoy!

    • contessa says:

      George….you betcha!

      Bob… were right about that.

      Longdog….so are we all.


      TnT….photos soon.

      Jannose….wait till you see the next blog post!!

      Susie… amiga.

  2. Bob says:

    …and…it all works out.

  3. longdog2 says:

    Glad things are going pretty smoothly.8n2r

  4. Elaine says:

    glad you had a smooth border crossing…you will be there soon 🙂

  5. Trent and Teresa says:

    Hooray !! Thrilled to see you are in Mexico, and so close to your winter home !!

    Can hardly wait to see you enjoying the beach and the sunshine !!

    Hugs, Trent and Teresa

  6. Jannose says:

    All Carmeh needs is a steering wheel and she will look just like Colin!

  7. Susie larose says:

    Good to hear your crossing was easy and your on your way to Isla!! Safe travels!!!