Nov 22, 2012

…a GOOD day…..

~we had no problems with the car tires = GOOD

~we had no problems with the RV tires = GOOD

~we had no RV engine problems = GOOD

~we found an easy in/out for propane just a few miles down the road this AM and topped up @ $20.00 = GOOD

~changed our route from the map in yesterdays' post and travelled directly thru Phoenix on I10 rather then the Gila Bend  bypass and saved 35 miles and lots of time = GOOD

~no incidents today =GOOD

~stopped @ De Anza RV Park at KM 48 on I 19, and had a huge pull thru site.  Perfect place to dump and fill the water tank = GOOD

~cost us less in fuel to get to this point than it did last year = GOOD

~no rain or snow so far this trip = GOOD

~relaxation, wine and a great dinner = GOOD

~all the wine we have purchased has found a nesting spot = GOOD

~paperwork is ready for the Mexican border = GOOD

~feeling much more settled and happier = GOOD

~found out I forgot all my sun hats – oh well, I can always buy more in Mazatlan and support their economy = GOOD

~7 nights on the road and only 2 more nights to go = GOOD

~next post will be from San Carlos, Mexico = GOOD

Our route tomorrow = GOOD

Happy Thanksgiving to our many American friends!

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6 Responses to “…a GOOD day…..”

  1. Great that you had a good day, and probably less money on fuel because you could only drive 55 mph?

    • contessa says:

      George….you are right about fuel & the double nickles

      Connie..and today the next day!!

      Elaine….yes we do!

      Susie…….see you Saturday!

      Longdog….me too my friend.

  2. Connie in Florida this week says:

    That is GOOD news – hoping today is GOOD, too!

  3. Elaine says:

    hope all your days continue to be GOOD!!!!!! Things are looking up..happy US Thanksgiving day..we all have so much to be thankful for…

  4. Susie larose says:

    Goood !!! Sounds like alls going for you to arrive on Sunday!! GOOOD!!!

  5. longdog2 says:

    A good day! Hope the rest of your winter vacation goes just as smoothly as today.