Nov 21, 2012

Ripley's Believe It or Not!

You are not going to believe how Tuesday played out for us or you just might!!

When we finally stepped out of the RV about 7:30AM we were told that a mechanic had found a part for our engine in the back of his truck!!!  So our RV had been ready for travel late afternoon Monday!  When we got back Monday night there was no note or anything indicating the repair was complete.  So we did our usual morning thing Tuesday and I posted my blog and we got ready to leave for my appointment.  That is when we found out we were good to go.  But I had another appointment I was committed to on Tuesday morning as we were were supposedly  waiting for the part to arrive.

By the time we got back from that appointment, loaded the RV and car, put in the slides etc, it was 12:30 noon.  Or was it?  Actually in Lake Havasu City, Alberta and Mazatlan and points between it was actually 1:30PM.  So before we started we were already an hour late. We had to be at the vet's in Lake Havasu by 5PM when they closed or the girls would go hungry.

It was a beautiful 70F day with miles of blue sky and lots of great sunshine.  Off we went.  Colin was happy, the engine was purring like a new kitten.  A great day to be really truly heading south once again.

This is the broken exhaust clamp that caused all the trouble.

Now this is where we get back to the Ripley's part of the story…..cost of the clamp itself $26.15.  Total bill $486.74.  Hard to believe that one little piece cost so much to replace.  All in all it was a good price, it could have been much worse.

We got to the Havasu Vet  office by 4:10PM and loaded up our many bags of dog food.  As I mentioned before we buy here, as the prices are much less than at home in Canada.  We save close to $20.00 per bag.

Then a quick stop at the Parker Safeway for last minute things.  It was not quite a quick stop and getting dark by the time we drove off.  Next stop was the final fuel stop before crossing into Mexico.  Great diesel price of  $3.89/gal at the Super Save.  Unfortunately the propane station was closed for the evening but we are almost full, just like to top things up before crossing.  By now it was dark but we decided to go the next 35 miles to the BLM lands at exit 112 on HWY 95.  So glad we did.

This will be the first year we only stay the one night! But then we are about 3 weeks later than normal so the decision was to push on the Stone Island.

I am so tired these days and have never been so disorganized.  I still have paperwork to deal with from Canada and tonight have to get all our Mexican paperwork in order.  Once I get to the Isla I may do nothing for a few days then tackle the rest.  Of course Colin will have everything organized RV wise by then.

Drove 230 miles Tuesday and today we will do about 330 miles.  The girls are outside enjoying nature and so happy to be here.  Colin is reorganizing the basement, where to put the dog food and some of the many wine cases.  Care to guess how many cases we have on board?  Time for me to get some food into everyone and prepare for the next leg south.

As you can see we will be close the the Mexican border for tomorrows' crossing.

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8 Responses to “Ripley's Believe It or Not!”

  1. Jannose says:

    16 cases?

    • contessa says:

      Jannose, more than that!!

      Sandy….thanks for the praise….we can hardly wait to get there.

      Wandering Mike…nice to here form you again….we are going for full relaxation and weekly massages!

      Elaine…how did you guess? I actually found place for 4 more bottles tonight…too late!!

      Connie….gracias, hope you are enjoying the kids in Florida

      Rocmoc…I emailed you directly….hope to have you call at the door even though it is late.

  2. Sandy says:

    I am so excited for you I can hardly wait for each update. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of the trip and the Isla.

  3. Wandering Mike says:

    Congratulations. The last few months certainly have been a challenge for you. Good luck in Mexico.

  4. rocmoc n AZ/Mexico says:

    Where did you stay south of Tucson, we are in Tubac?

    rocmoc n AZ/Mexico

  5. Connie in Florida this week says:

    Love the nightime boondocking photo – awesome!

  6. Elaine says:

    yeahhh a fairly economical fix…even if you didn’t know it was fixed :)….travel safe…I betcha theres wine in every nook and cranny….

  7. maria says:

    wow thats a nice shot. Looks so peaceful. See you soon (manana)