Oct 28, 2012

Happy 98th !!!

Happy Birthday Mommio!! 98 years is a huge accomplishment.

When Colin returned from his visit he sent his brother Bill a note…

Thanks for seeing me and Mommio. She is a gem and has a heart of gold.  We will miss her so much one day. She is same age as Hotel Fort Gary. Amazing and has the same huge history of where she came from, being kicked out of her home by her dad when she started the 7th grade and was told to find a job instead and ended up filling caskets with sawdust to please her dad with $.  The hard times in those old days where women and education were not accepted. The accomplishments she made, buying and selling houses and now being so independent at 98 in her own home care and financial survival.  She did the escalators at Polo Park today with her eyes closed.  I bought her a $30.00 heater today and it has 2 levels of power and she loves it. No need to turn on the oven.  It is set up in the kitchen.  Possibly she can take it to the bedroom and plug it in there.  She can put it on the floor to warm her feet. She said at night she gets up and sits by the kitchen window (heat register below) to have her legs warmed because of her rheumatism  and then her legs would calm down so she could go back to bed. (Bedroom is cold)  Hopefully this heater will help somehow. Life is short and we are all getting older, please look after her. If she needs another heater buy one for her.  Age is a  challenge.  Thanks for your hospitality and spending time with me visiting.

We also send Happy Anniversary wishes today to Gloria and Bill.  They got married on Mommio’s birthday many years back. We hope that Winnipeg appreciates you all.

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3 Responses to “Happy 98th !!!”

  1. marty says:

    What a great lady. So interesting to hear stories of our parent’s youth. Did you feel the earthquake?

  2. Happy Birthday to mommio, 98 is sure a great accomplishment, hope she had many more productive years!

  3. Elaine says:

    What a darling lady….98 and still independent…Colin has good genes to look forward too…happy birthday Mommio..and many more

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