Oct 26, 2012

Que Pasa??

Still getting things done here and there inside the house.  We are very very close to being done.  We finally got towel bars and had them installed yesterday.  It is great having them up but I have already decided I need to space them differently.   You read that right, a make work project.  I wasn't ready to put them up and suddenly a decision had to be made right now and I made the wrong decision.  So move 3 towel bars and repaint two walls.

This flock of geese arrived the day before the temperatures lowered and the snow fell. I believe they were just passing through from further North but they aren't leaving. They have spent the last few days doing very low flights over the lake, just barely above the water. I know they aren't local because if you walk towards the lake they move away, not use to people.

The hills have a light coating of snow and it is cold outside but we are hovering at 0C at night with highs to 6C  (41F).  Tolerable!

I went to Walmart yesterday and invested $3.00 for 3 pairs of socks. Now my toes are warm. I also bought more tinned goods to load into the RV, stuff we can't get in Mexico, that is if we get there 🙁

Colin's Mom bought us a treat. She made the effort to find us tomatoes grown in Mexico. Must have cost her a pretty penny. She is very sweet.

While waiting for a worker to come do some outside work yesterday afternoon Colin decided to start putting some of our summer stuff under the house. Colin worked for over 3 hours but the other guy never showed up!! After all that work in the cold I made sure he had a good dinner, yummy acorn squash and tuna pot pie, a good fall meal.

While the fellow was working on the bedrooms blinds last Monday I had moved all the bed cushions out of the way and just piled them. Later when looking for Carmeh I found her nestled in all the cushions. All those papers on the table are for me to deal with. That was Monday and now today Friday they are still sitting there.

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6 Responses to “Que Pasa??”

  1. Sandy says:

    Do you have another pair of sock just like those? 🙂

    • contessa says:

      Sandy….why yes I do!

      Longdog…..I don’t like to wear capris never mind long pants. A sundress is my preference.

      Connie…and alos a pink pair.

      Marty…..If they don’t go down on their own we’ll tow them down in a few weeks. They seem to be getting really settled in on the lake here. It’s funny because we noticed yesterday that they even swim/paddle in formation.

      George…fireplace is on all day.

  2. longdog2 says:

    You need long pants to go with those socks. lol

  3. Connie in PA says:

    Too funny – hope you do have another pair just like that!!!

  4. Marty says:

    That’s where the Canada geese are! Stan wants to go goose hunting, but he called the landowner where he usually hunts and the landowner told him he hadn’t seen any geese yet! Send them down if you get a chance. :o)

  5. Another day in the process of getting ready to head south, keep warm out there.