Oct 24, 2012

Snow in October

Well it has been an interesting few days.  Colin got back safely from his visit to his Mom in Winnipeg Monday night.  Us girls were sure happy to see him.

Never enough time but he was happy to see how much improved she was since the last visit. She had a change in medication which really helped perk her up. I think too many MD's give out too much medication with little or no follow up to the side effects. Mommio lives on her own in a seniors complex but buys and cooks her own meals.

Her and Colin love to have fun together. By the way thanks for all the comments on how well Mommio looks. She doesn't do computers but I think I will print out yesterdays' post and the comments and mail it to her. It will make her day. Not sure I want to see how I will look at 98. I bet Colin will look much the same as he is now.

Tuesday morning it was much warmer, only 0C.  But Mother Nature gave us a surprise.

Yes that is snow up there among the low hanging cloud. We have been told that it is very dull to live here in the winter with all the low cloud. I may just find out about that.

The trades that are coming in now are mainly doing repairs and touch ups. This fellow was trying to make our double hung windows easier for me to open and close. They are not perfect but much better so I guess that after 3 months and 4 visits this is the best we are going to get. It seems quite normal now to spend your working time on the phone taking other calls!!

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3 Responses to “Snow in October”

  1. longdog2 says:

    Do they just shut off the water or do they also drain the pipes? You better get those winter shoes, jackets, and coats purchased quickly.

  2. Pat says:

    The worst part of an Okanagan winter is the low valley cloud and lack of sunshine!! Truly depressing after several weeks.

    Great photos of Colin and his Mom. Funny that we noticed that she has the identical couch/chair and material that Gord’s Mom had in her apartment.

  3. Colin’s mom still looking real good at 98. Nice picture.