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Jul 24, 2012

Sad News

Sad but not devastating. Colin took Carmeh into the vet today as we have been noticing a pus like substance coming out of her right eye.  This happened once while still in Mexico but of late we are noticing it several times per day.  Our vet spent a long time checking Carmeh out, in fact […]


Jul 23, 2012

Another fun day….

….life is good.  We are managing to fit in some good times in the middle of chaos.  Colin worked on our yard yesterday, all the pavers are now in place and the beach is lovely again.  Caeli keeps escaping any chance she can.  Yesterday we got a ransom note for her. I guess she is […]


Jul 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Colin

Colin turns 62 today!  What will the day bring…..hopefully just relaxation and some guitar playing for him.  We had a lovely dinner last night on the patio and then friends came over for a glass of wine around the fire pit. If you want to read about it the story is here.


Jul 21, 2012

Things happen in threes!!

Have you ever heard that expression?  I have but only in reference to bad things.  They say if 2 things have happened wait for the 3rd and you should be good for a while.  I wonder if good things come in threes? So the first incident was earlier in the week when we discovered that […]


Jul 20, 2012

We had fun!

Plus we relaxed!!  Thanks for all your anniversary wishes and comments, it meant a lot to us.  It is wonderful to be part of this online family. Yesterday was spent settling issues which is why I didn't have time to post.  We are off in a few moments to make further on the spot house […]


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