Jul 28, 2012

A bit better…

…went to bed at 9PM the past 2 nights and this morning I felt much better.  I even took 4 hours off this morning to sit in the sun and read and relax.  What a treat.  Sore throat gone, just some sneezing now.   I think I wore myself out.  Colin has been doing photoshop all day from his last few days of photography.  My job is to get the invoices done……well maybe tomorrow.

He was suppose to work tonight but we have a smoky haze due to a small forest fire on the Westside so no sunset shots tonight.  The big plan is to give the girls a bath later today……so much easier in Mexico.

Do you have idea how much window coverings cost these days?  A small fortune!  Thinking of just having roller shades but mucho dinero!  We don't want to do venetian blinds again.  Any suggestions out there.

Enjoy your weekend.

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7 Responses to “A bit better…”

  1. Marty says:

    How about honeycomb shades (if they still make them)? Or Roman shades? Since I’m the sewing maniac, most of my windows have curtains with tabs and the rods are tension rods that fit in the window frame. That way, in my not-so-big house the window coverings don’t get in the way. Tension rods are inexpensive and I can usually find a Jo-Ann’s coupon for the fabric. Too bad I’m not closer I’d whip some up for you. (Postage would kill us!)

    Glad you’re feeling better. I started with the runny nose but I’ve been taking wild oregano extract for a couple of weeks and the darn cold just went away before it started! Love it! Acupuncture is still helping the leg, yay!

    • contessa says:

      Marty…..oh how I wish you lived closed by!! We are thinking Roman shades for the bedroom at this point in time. I took Oregano also, great stuff.

      Catheline…..we might do that for the front of the house, lakeside where the sun will come right in…..will think about that some more.

      Arizona Gal……Likely not as they will take up some window space and we want to have the full view but a good idea.

      George….too much trouble cleaning those venetians, in an RV yes but not a house with over 30 windows.

  2. Catheline says:

    What about the covering that RV’ers use. They snap on to the outside. Most of the upper end houses have them on their windows in Texas. You can see out but no one can see in. They are great for keeping cool in the hot sun. I think they are called “Sunshades”.

  3. Arizona Gal says:


  4. George Yates says:

    Glad you are feeling better. No ideas for window coverings, we like the venetians ourselves.

  5. Elaine NB Canada says:

    wow you are busy..glad your feeling better..we just hauled in late yesterday from being gone since last Wed…now getting ready to fly to Vancouver for the wedding…how did we ever find time to work…will be in touch soon..xo

  6. Elaine NB Canada says:

    let us know how the darling makes out….