Jun 30, 2012

Working hard at relaxing!!

Lots of loving going on in our house!!

Some very special neighbors made us dinner last night and we enjoyed it lakeside.

We couldn't quite sit on the slate patio as it was' curing ' from the crack cement guys efforts of the day.  In my books it was a special meal as it was delivered and all I had to do was sit, back, relax and enjoy Karen & Lyle's gourmet culinary feast.  You are welcome here anytime!  Mille gracias!

Yesterdays heat and high of 28C are long gone and we are anticipating thundershowers tonight and are sitting at 19C.  Very unB.C. like weather for this long weekend.

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5 Responses to “Working hard at relaxing!!”

  1. longdog2 says:

    Ahhhh, the girls are getting a snuggle–a favorite dachsie pastime. Looks like a great dinner and the ambiance was certainly good.

    • contessa says:

      longdog2….what was even better is that we got to stay home with the dogs and still enjoy a meal out.

      The Ducks….you did great…personally I much prefer the 83F/28C!

      Marty….they are new neighbors who only come once per month right now but in a few years they will be building a home on their site like we are…..nice to have them next door.

      George….it really was a perfect evening….and then it rained all the next day.

  2. That’s about 67°F, right? I did it in my head, so be kind.

  3. marty says:

    So thoughtful of your neighbors to think of you with all the stress you’re going through!

  4. Real nice of your neighbors to supply a ready made meal and relaxing by the lake.