Jun 29, 2012

Critter rescues!!

Now that my indoor mushroom business seems to be shut down I thought we would move on to an animal rescue business.  It seems that the high lake has confused the turtles.  I think it's because they no longer have a shore line but instead are coming up onto lawns much higher up that they are use to and seem to be crawling around the park.

This fairly large turtle was seen crawling from here across the road to our old house.

Caeli was sitting on the dash of the RV as dachshunds tend to do, looking out the window, when her barking alerted me to the crawling critter.  She was telling me that something was not normal in her view of the world.  Good girl!!  This was my second turtle encounter in a week. I got my neighbor who had also rescued a few turtles this week to come over.

This is my neighbour carefully picking up our rescue turtle....as soon as she did the turtle started emitting huge amounts of water, much like a kitchen faucet turned on full blast. I had no idea they did that. Bobbie told me that in the dessert if you touch a turtle with your finger it will start releasing water and likely die due to dehydration.

Splash....back into the lake....no danger of dying today either from a car running over you or from dehydration. Happy to be of service Mr. Turtle.

The next morning it was time to rescue a baby blackbird, also sitting in the middle of the road. Mamma was hovering overhead and trying to dive bomb us. Perhaps baby had tired to fly and couldn't manage or perhaps it had just fallen out of the nest.

Carmeh, who use to sit side by side with our parrot Cheikka was so excited to have a bird friend. The baby wasn't frightened and allowed itself to be herded off the into the bushes.

Then I can to deal with Contessa Critter.  The past few days have been over active and I almost had a melt down…..finally got to bed about 9PM last night after a 2 hour nap…..really tired….!  Much better today, just way too much running around for the house.  Fortunately that area of our life is coming together.  Now as to the crack cement guy…..well he may not be long for this world.  Things are getting nasty in that area of our life.  Enjoy your Friday!

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4 Responses to “Critter rescues!!”

  1. Sandie says:

    Carmeh does a great herding job. Our Skitz would run and hide from a baby bird. Sure hope you get things worked out with that *** guy.

    • contessa says:

      Sandie…..we had to drag Carmeh away as she wanted to bring the bird home, she really misses out parrot. The c**** guy is not any happier then we are right now.

      George…..suffice to say I still have the rest of the cement money in hand.

      Croft…..you are so understanding…gulp!!

  2. Croft says:

    All the positive karma you are building up by rescuing the critters will help you deal with the crack guy. In the meantime, have a sip!

  3. Great animal rescues, keep up the good work, And good luck with the crack head!