Jun 18, 2012

Mexico statistics ~ part 2

Here are the final stats from our last trip south.  Sorry for the delay.  If you missed the first part of the report, click here.

From our home here in Kelowna all the way down to la Isla ( Stone Island ) near Mazatlan and back again we drove 5839.8 miles.  The trip down was 2837.6 miles and the return was 3002.2 miles as we went via San Diego.

Total cost for diesel fuel, mixing in Canadian dollars and Mexican pesos came to a total of $2688.45 USD!  If you really need to know litres and gallons send me an email but who really cares!  Well maybe you do.  The lowest we paid for fuel heading south last October was in Parker, Arizona @ $3.879 per gallon and the highest was in Sumas, Washington @ $4.299 per gallon.  Coming back North the lowest we paid was $4.209/gal at a tiny little market off I5 near Redding, Ca and the most expensive also in California in Victorville @ $4.459/gallon.  I know everyone was concerned about the high fuel prices but overall I think we did alright.

We only fuelled up 12 times, the RV was full when we left Kelowna, probably from when we returned in April 2011.  We took on diesel in the USA  4 times, then in Mexico 4 times and 3 more times in the US coming home with a final fill in Chilliwack, B.C.  We always come home with a full tank of diesel and a full tank of propane.  Of course the price of fuel is much less in Mexico but most people are concerned with the US pricing and the overall costs.

Propane cost for the entire trip was $63.23.  We use electric rather than propane at Tres Amigos RV Park.

Rv repairs were only $500.00 despite our major engine fiasco that required almost 24 hours of our time.  We have been reimbursed by Good Sam for the $1000.00 towing bill.

My plant expenses were way down this year, only $55.00 as I planted what I already had into the ground this year. However I did increase my amount of wine purchases.  I brought 228 bottles of wine with me, up from 109 the year before.  I ran out that year and it is very difficult to find a white wine that I can enjoy, well at least on my budget.

The only other major expense were the Mexican tolls.  We paid 3242 pesos, about $238.00USD.  Of course we also paid extra money for Mexican Insurance on the RV and the car but I am still waiting for my B.C. Insurance refund and will give you the breakdown on that once I get it.

You will always need extra pesos for tips, to get your car washed, to get your RV waxed but those are the basics.

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8 Responses to “Mexico statistics ~ part 2”

  1. robert says:

    contessa instead of fuelling the RV fill the tank with wine and fill 228 bottle whit diesel fuel in both cases you won’t run out!!!!

    • contessa says:

      Robert…thank you for making me laugh…..loved you comment.

      George…..stats are good for not driving around too much.

      Dean….I am going to get an specific answer re San Miguel for you soon. In Mazatlan the stores do not sell liquor after noon on Sunday. When are you leaving? Sounds to me like you are flying there for a few weeks. Why don’t you pick something up at duty free. There are cheaper wines in Mexico, Padre Kino can be found all over plus a few boxed wines. It is a personal taste, there are many wines available for over $20.00 per bottle that are of a good quality but over my budget. At least you will be able to try different wines during your few weeks there before deciding what to do about when you drive down for several months. You might not need to pack so much down at that time. Many people buy boxed wine and bring that down in their RV thus eliminating weight and some space problems. I tend to bring down cases of bottles….silly me…but it is my vacation and I really like to enjoy my wine. If we are packing it in the basement of the RV we put it in the middle with stuff on both side so if we are checked for whatever they don’t see the wine. Inside I sometimes stack boxes in the bedroom or between the driver’s seat and slide out ( I can get 6 cases in there ) but then I put a towel over the boxes. There are some lovely Chilean wines available, many nice reds especially. Hope this helps a bit.

  2. Thats kinda sums up a nice winter vacation for you guys, not too bad for the months you spend in a warmer climate on the beach.

  3. Dean says:

    We are going to Mexico for the first time in 30 years and have rented a house for a few weeks (in San Miguel). We arrive on a Friday. We’ve heard there are certain days (3 I think? Firday through Sunday?) when you cannot buy wine or liquor of any type. Is this true? We plan to stock our kitchen immediately after we arrive of course, and gosh, does this mean we have to wait perhaps until the first of the week to buy wine?

    Also is the price per bottle significantly different in Mexico for even basic table wine, or does that – as everywhere else – just depend on your choices?

    And one more question if I might – if I recall correctly….when I was reading about you packing the RV to head down to la Isla once I believe you spoke of putting the wine somewhere in it that wasn’t obvious when you went across the border. Should we do this when we drive down to spend several months?

    Thanks for the info! Very helpful!

  4. Dean says:

    Hello again Contessa –

    Thank you for your answer/information. Hadn’t thought of duty free. Good idea. $20 a bottle is too rich for our budget in terms of table wine, too. Yes, we’re flying down in September, and hope to be back for 2-3 months in the spring, looking for a small place to rent long term and start setting up for the eventual move.

    Thank you in advance for getting further info particular to SMA. How sweet of you. I always read your posts and comments, so feel free to put that in the comment section rather than email me, as it might well help others, too.

    Thank you again – we learn so much from your sharing!!

  5. chris says:

    I SMA liquor is not sold before 9 a.m. and on Sundays not after 5 p.m. During the week the hours vary but never before 9a.m. Elections days are dry so no alcohol being sold. Sorry it took so long to answer, I just wanted to make sure I had it right. You’ll love SMA, we go there 3 or 4 times a year.

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