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Jun 30, 2012

Working hard at relaxing!!

We couldn't quite sit on the slate patio as it was' curing ' from the crack cement guys efforts of the day.  In my books it was a special meal as it was delivered and all I had to do was sit, back, relax and enjoy Karen & Lyle's gourmet culinary feast.  You are welcome […]


Jun 29, 2012

Critter rescues!!

Now that my indoor mushroom business seems to be shut down I thought we would move on to an animal rescue business.  It seems that the high lake has confused the turtles.  I think it's because they no longer have a shore line but instead are coming up onto lawns much higher up that they […]


Jun 27, 2012

Que pasa…..

…I always seem to have something to post about but just not enough time. The weather has been totally unseasonal but Colin and Mission Hill Winery got lucky last Sunday evening.  Chris Botti, an American contemporary jazz trumpeter had been sold out for weeks.  If you ever come to Kelowna you really have to visit […]


Jun 25, 2012

Dare I admit it?

I really don't want to tell you but those are mushrooms growing in the living carpet in our RV!!  Honestly~! Can you imagine what I thought when I saw them?  Colin initially laughed but got more serious when he realized that they just keep coming.  In the middle of our 20 days with no power […]


Jun 23, 2012

Que pasa!!

I was woken up at 6:30AM Friday with a call from Mazatlan saying I had just won the contest for a case of Chilean wine!!!!!!!!!  This was the contest I entered….amazing odds. What a rush……as you all know I love vino…..really really helped the day get going……. Day 3 of the crack cement guys will […]


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