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May 24, 2012

Privacy issues!!

When in the USA last month Colin and I shopped at JC Penney where the clerk at checkout talked us into getting one of their credit cards and getting a 15% discount on our purchases.  We did not want a US credit card as it is too difficult to make payments.  According to her things […]


May 23, 2012

Too much too fast!

Yesterday just zipped by with all the decisions and changes that had to be made.  Good thing Colin was able to be here.  I was disappointed that the crew packed up and left early at 4PM.  It is a 5 day job and they are trying to get it done in 4 days but not […]


May 22, 2012

A very special gift!

In the honour of my birthday today, S & K Forming, our concrete crew showed up!  Woooohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!  Plus it stopped raining so it looks like we will get the cement completed this week. In addition to those wonderful gifts the steel framing on our new home is being started today.  Colin has been too busy […]


May 21, 2012


Recycle, recycle, recycle!!! I think we are all now doing it to some degree.  It is even catching on in many parts of Mexico. Here at Holiday Park Resort, recycling has become a huge thing, they have even won civic awards for what goes on here.  We have an area for cardboard only, another for […]


May 19, 2012

Bucket List!

Do you have a bucket list? I went to a funeral yesterday.  Only my second ever funeral and it hit me hard.  It was more a celebration of life for a friend here at Holiday Park who died much too young at 66.  This was the fourth friend we have lost in a month!! Of […]


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