Mar 23, 2012

Time = Change

Last Nov. 6th when when we first arrived at Tres Amigos, the sun was setting just behind the top peak of the mountain on the left.


On January 1st the sun was setting to the very left of that same mountain.


The other evening, March 21st the sun set all the way over to the right of that mountain.


Life does not stay still so enjoy every second of your day.



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5 Responses to “Time = Change”

  1. marty says:

    I’m really enjoying my days now, even with a bit of pain, I feel like my life is beginning again.

    • contessa says:

      Marty…I am so very happy for you….pain free is good.

      Good Luck Duck….we leave April 1st. It is hard to leave all this beauty behind but we do love where we live in Canada also. Almost ready but not quite.

      Danshula……what a lovely thing to say. Gracias!

      George…..I really like that thought. Helps me with the leaving.

  2. When must you leave? Does it break your heart, or are you ready?

  3. danshula says:

    Thank you for sharing your adventures,the pictures are awesome and bring softness,color and relaxation to my heart.

  4. The sunsets are heading north, wanting you to join it.

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