Mar 22, 2012

Monkey Man…..

…meet Danny!  He is a local from Stone Island and an entrepreneur.  He has worked in Alberta, Canada in construction thanks to a vacationer who sponsored him for a while.  Back home, here on the Isla he does it all.  Danny will build anything you want, he is a mechanic with his own shop, be it an RV or any vehicle plus he is phenomenal contractor.  Do you need your RV detailed, polished and waxed?  Do you need your RV painted?  Do you need your RV upholstery redone as well as your window valances?  Do you need your roof recaulked? Do you need some bodywork and painting done on your vehicle?  Do you need  anything…just call Danny!


Danny is the man…………..Danny is also the Monkey Man!!!!!!!!


One other thing Danny, the do it all guy does, is clean up the coco trees.


Can you see Danny way up there....someone has to clean up the about to fall cocos and the about to fall palm fronds.





Because of Danny we can walk about safely....


...better him than us....


...going down....


Would you do it.... not me....


...just one of his names....monkey man!!


When Danny is hired here on Isla de la Piedra to groom a tree he is paid a mere 70 pesos  ( $ 5.20 USD ) per tree.  He is also hired by a number of resorts in Mazatlan where he is paid 3000 pesos ( $232.35 USD ) per day but he must also clean up the debris and remove it.


Que hombre!


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