Mar 21, 2012

Countdown to leaving paradise…..

…so very very sad!  But it is reality as we know it. seems as if the departure of all the noisy vehicles was signalling the end of our time here!


The team from Zacatecas who were parked beside us Sunday night had a major mishap about 7:30AM Monday AM. You can barely see the ATV that was being manhandled onto the trailer....wheel to the right of the fellow in white.....the guy in the brown shirt may have broken his left hand.....the group was actually very organized with a good First Aid kit but I just had to go out in my nightie to be sure!!!! I dispensed pain meds as well as ice packs...not sure how the fellow in the brown shirt was going to do....he was in MAJOR pain. Hopefully the Codeine I gave him helped with the 20 hour journey home. We also provided a bed and pillows while they completed their prep to leave. Wish I could have done more.


...once the hundreds of all terrain vehicles left we were subjected to yet another invasion but of a very minor sort. Seems that these tiny fingernail size jellyfish wanted to assert some authority here on the Isla.


We are very, ever so slowly, packing up...don't tell anyone.....a little bit here and there. Cleaning and storing is the big thing right now. We are poco loco....Colin is taking our dog ramp apart, repainting it and adding a new base to the ramp. The windsheild suncreen has been cleaned and when dry is to be stored.


I finally got around to scraping one of our tables and repainting it. Why did I not do this 5 months ago so we could have enjoyed it??? It took no more than 10 minutes total!!!!!!


While we toil, Caeli basks in the sun under my "finally" rejuvenated DesertRose shrub.....note the yellow spiked plant to the left...... I have no idea what it is but the hummers just love it. I have to say that under no circumstances could I say that Caeli is an attack weiner dog....but Carmeh is !!!! Colin is dremeling Carmeh's toes while Caeli looks on....the vehicles in front are just part of the LWE activities.


...part of getiing ready to leave includes eating these perfect shrimp, the ones that were caught just out front 12 hours before I froze them. The tomatoes were grown here on the Isla de la Piedra....3 medium size for 1 peso ~ about 7 cents !!!!!!!!!!!!





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4 Responses to “Countdown to leaving paradise…..”

  1. Nancy says:

    Time just flies, doesn’t it?

    The plant is an aloe vera…


    • contessa says:

      Nancy, gracias, doesn’t look any aloe plant I have ever seen before.

      Marty…..muy triste

      George… freezing cold……

  2. Marty says:

    Sad to think of, huh?

  3. Getting ready to hit the road again. Always sad to be returning to a cooler climate, but something we need to do.

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