Mar 19, 2012

Invasion of Isla de la Piedra

It all began when we had friends over for happy hour Saturday…

Carol and Gary didn't get to the Isla until mid February this year for a varity of reasons so this was only our first visit. They drive all the way from Maine, USA along with Gypsy and their very energetic puppy Freida who who couldn't stay still for the photo. Unfortunately Caeli does not get along with Freida and was locked up in the RV.


In the midst of that visit along comes Eric, all the way from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He is an RV technician who winters in Mazatlan and does work on the side while here. We needed his expertise on a consistant propane smell coming from our stove. Eric couldn't find the cause nor could he keep his eyes off the beginning of the invasion! Colin was more interested in tuning the red guitar for Eric.

We knew that they were coming, the big tents had been set up on the beach earlier in the day.  In typical Mexican fashion no one knew any details other than it was going to be an event.

...big trucks, little trucks, 4 X 4's, ATV's, anything and everything on wheels!


What we didn't know was how many were coming. It seemed that for hours and hours they just kept coming. We could see their headlights all the way down the ten miles of beach towards Estrella. Soon the beach was alive with the sound of roaring motors, enough to drown out the sound of the surf. Nothing to do but pour a drink and watch.


The festivities seemed to be centered down the beach in front of the Molokay Restaurant.


Sunday morning we walked down to check things out.....this fellow must have partied all night.


It was a beehive of activity.


Some brought tents and camped on the beach. I understand that the two hotels on the Isla were booked solid.


While others were easing into the morning this fellow was having a blast.


So what was this all seems that several clubs from across Mexico where having a fun weekend and the Isla was the final destination. We had some vehicles parked beside us here at Tres Amigos from Zacatecas, a 20 hour drive. They had at least 8 vehicles with trailers for some. Others came from La Paz, Torreon, Guadalajara and other parts of Mexico.


My understanding is that the Pata Salada group from Mazatlan were sponsoring the event which started Friday afternoon. During the day Saturday they raced up and down the river near Villa Union before heading to the Isla.


Word on the beach was that there would be some racing...that did not happen. Seems the plan was to climb a mountain.


This little buggy would set you back $20,000.00USD!!!! She was driving it, it was hers! See the small mountain in the top left, above the hood of the jeep, that is where the fun took place Sunday from noon on.....


That's Mazatlan in the background....more photos tomorrow.

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7 Responses to “Invasion of Isla de la Piedra”

  1. danshula says:

    Woow, this is nice crazy…

  2. Sounds like and exciting weekend, would have been nice to see.

  3. Connie in PA says:

    We were involved in half mile oval dirt track sprint car racing for 34 years – so hubby and I enjoyed reading about this different kind of racing. Looks like the kids were having a good time!

  4. Mary says:

    Love your pictures will share on Face book!

  5. Elaine says:

    sounds like a hoot of a weekend..I’d have been up all night just watching them all 🙂 Hows Mom doing?

  6. And we thought that we had a big fiesta yesterday! This one sure surpassed ours in size and in length. Looks like everyone was having a blast.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Susie larose says:

    What a fun time for everyone, hope we get to see it next year!!!

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