Feb 06, 2012

Vivaldi y Haydn

Yesterday, Sunday, was the last day in the La Camerata Symphony series conducted by Gordon Campbell founder & director  of the OSSLA ( Orquesta Sinfonica Sinaloa de las Artes of which Colin has attended many concerts in Culican over the years )  at the Teatro Angela Peralta.

There were so many events happening in Mazatlan this day but this one was top notch. New look from the outdoor foyer.


The theatre appeared to be almost sold out.


First on the program was Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The concertmaster violin soloist ( sad to say I can't for certain recall his name ) was extraordinary as were the rest of the musicians. A real treat for music lovers and much deserving of his standing ovation.


Coming back from intermission....


After the Intermedio we were treated to Sinfonia no.45 by Haydn. In a nutshell this symphony was written by Haydn with a musical hint for the visiting Prince to leave the palace so the rest of the musicians could go home!! The music was written so that at the end, musician by musician blew out the candle lighting their music and left the room till no one was left. The Prince got the hint and left the next day. Meanwhile back in Mazatlan we were treated to a wee reenactment. If you look very very closely you will see a lit candle at the edge of each music stand. The theatre lights were dimmed, the music began and the room was filled with marvellous sounds. Towards the end of the final Adagio, one by one the muscians blew out their candles and left the stage.....


....till there were only two ( the conductor had also left ) to play the last few melodic notes. BRAVO!!!!


Hopefully this series will become a part of Mazatlan’s future.  And as Gordon Campbell mentioned prior to the second half…….please let everyone know that Mazatlan is indeed safe!  Please come visit and tell your friends.


What could be more perfect……..

...than a lovely late lunch with friends before heading back to Isla de la Piedra!


Life is good, eh!



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  1. another wonderful day at the symphony in Mazatlan!

  2. Elaine says:

    life is very good!!!! Carry on carrying on 🙂

  3. Connie in PA says:

    Colin looks soooooo relaxed! Keep on keeping on having fun!

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