Jan 31, 2012

Monday Beach Activity

We noticed an unusually large amount of pelicans hanging around the beach Monday morning.

Fisherman often set nets off the beach but this was a panga coming to shore.


By the time we did our morning walk, the boat and fishermen were gone. We could see bits of tiny fish in the sand plus the herons were still hanging around. It must have been a good haul.

We don't often see four herons hanging around together.

I wonder what we had possibly missed but we were late getting going yesterday morning.

Are those yellow fin tuna? Jessie happened to be passing the panga as it came in with a huge haul of fish. She asked if they were for sale, yes, 50 pesos! She had no money with her but they gave her the fish, actually they gave her two, 2 for the price of 1 in typical Mazatlan fashion.


She went back with her 50 pesos, about $3.85 Canadian. Then came the cleaning and cooking. Gary says this is just one of the fish on the BBQ!!


So next time you see some activity down the beach, you just might want to check it out….right away.  Or you just might miss out on something.  Lucky Jessie.


Even this morning, while writing this in my nightie I was missing out…..

Caeli let me know that there were a large number of visitors in our front yard.

These photos were taken from inside the RV. Apparently 3 of the horses went right thru the property next door, from the beach to the road.




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6 Responses to “Monday Beach Activity”

  1. Excellent pics and stories. Love the horses just sort of being taken up the beach.

    • contessa says:

      Mike…..the horses go back and forth morning and evening, great to watch.

      Chuck….milles gracias!

      Elaine….the girls are characters!

      Connie….no not wild but owned and brought from the farms to the beach for tourists to ride.

      Mary…..those were the fish, but I heard 3 tonnes, lotsa fish!!

  2. chuck says:

    the fish are Jack Cravels, they are called Toros by the Mexicans, very dark red meat.

  3. Elaine says:

    excellent pictures C….love the one of the girls announcing the visitors 🙂 how is your mom?

  4. Connie in PA says:

    Enjoyed today’s post, Contessa! I love when you post your sunset photos but your blue water ones today are neat, too. Are those horses owned by someone or are they wild like the ones we see on the beaches in Chincoteague VA and Assateague MD? Good doggies telling mama what’s going on out there – too cute!

  5. mary klassen says:

    I heard there was a fisherman that hauled in 2 tonnes of fish yesterday, they used a truck to pull the net out.

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