Jan 29, 2012

Golden Zone

We met friends in Mazatlan for a fun afternoon in the Golden Zone.  This is the strip along the beach where many hotels are located as well as restaurants and shop after shop.  It seems that the day had just got started when it was time to come home…..we will be doing it again!!  Only less food and more margaritas!!


I have a thing for coconut shrimp...really these are the biggest and the very very best ever.

Great sign!! Could beer and booze!


 We went to Pancho’s Restaurant, overlooking the ocean.  This was shot at the end of the meal. They give out a complimentary tequila shooter as well as a cafe liquor in creme. A great introduction of the Golden Zone for Pat & Gord.  We all had something different and every bite was delicious. The margaritas were better than most.

I could not resist taking this photo..."genuine whopper sizes"!

We were not looking for larger size clothes but wine glasses.













It was a pleasure to share my favorite gallery with friends. I never leave this place empty handed. In fact there are several lamps we want to get for our new home but that will have to wait till next winter. Meanwhile there are thousands of items to chose from.

She really had a thing about the wine glasses....

He really preferred this rather interesting work of art. Details only from Gord's lips.


Colin was into self portraits...













Do you need one of these? Special price, today only....

It was hard to leave Michael Gallery, but we had to get back home to feed the kids! It was a fun outing for all of us.


I am not a happy camper!  Since the update to WordPress re my hijacking a few days I have little control of the placement of my photos on this blog.  GRRR!!!!!!!!!!  Do I have to figure this our all over again?


Mom update:

She is much better with the 4X increase in diuretics.  However I found out she has been very naughty.  When Mom was discharged last Monday it was to an extended care facility just outside the city in Leduc.  She refused to go as it would be too far for anyone, most especially Dad to come visit her.  So she said she wanted to go home and home she went.  Dad just found out about this Saturday as did the rest of us.  Once again should the hospital not discuss this with the family.  So now she is home where she does want to be, but can she manage?  Can Dad manage?  I think it is taking a toll on him. Hopefully Mom will start moving around and getting up on her own………. 😳


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8 Responses to “Golden Zone”

  1. longdog2 says:

    Oh, your mama was very bad. I hope this isn’t too much for your Dad, his health is important too. Looks like you had a great time in Mazatlan with friends.

    • contessa says:

      Longdog, yup Mom was bad:( However I am forging ahead and enjoying my life.

      Connie…..cut, I almost wrote that myselg

      George…..great wine glasses…..

      Elaine….we could do some serious damage in that gallery.

      Marty….funny story, I can almost picture it in my mind. Those shrimp still have me full up!!

      Mary….you will LOVE these glasses, guaranteed, come see them. I want to go back.

  2. Connie in PA says:

    We had a local newspaper reporter who ended his colums with “and a good time was had by all” – thought of that when I read your blog today.

  3. Awe Whopper wine glasses gotta have them!

    Bad mommy, hope your dad can handle it.

  4. Elaine says:

    great pictures..I’d never leave that gallery!! Good looking drinks too!! hope Dad is able to keep up with Mom…I can see her point I’d want to be home too..she just wants to be with your dad…bless her heart..

  5. Marty says:

    It’s such a tough thing to lose your independence. When we put Stan’s mom into assisted living, she plummeted into a severe depression. Wish she would have let herself enjoy the place, it was a really neat place to live.

    I love Pancho’s! It’s so fun to sit and watch the life on the beach while enjoying such good, good, food.

    A funny story re the “genuine whopper sizes.” Once we stopped at a shop really close to Pancho’s. My sister-in-law was with us and she is chunky-chunkier than me, poor girl! She started looking at a rack of dresses and the lady came rushing up to her, saying, “No, no you too fat for these. I have some bigger sizes here!” Sister-in-law beat it out of there with steam coming out of her ears! She has never set foot in that shop again. I would have just laughed and agreed because I am kind of big!

  6. Marty says:

    Aha! I missed the coconut shrimp! Can you find bad coconut shrimp anywhere in Mazatlan?

  7. mary klassen says:

    what did you buy? Did their wine glasses sing or clunk? I am almost ready for a glass shopping trip…so excited.

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