Jan 28, 2012

News and more news

Some good news for Mexico, at least in the area of airline travel.  We can only hope that soon more RVers will return to Mexico.


Written in the Mazatlan Messenger on 27 Jan 12 by Murray Page.



The Ministry of Tourism (Tourism Ministry) reported that the country experienced growth in the number of international travelers arriving by air for each of the last five months of 2011. During the month of December, 2011 1,072,000 international airline passengers arrived in Mexico. This number set an all-time high; was a 13% increase over December 2010, and was even 9.6% greater than the previous all-time high set in December 2008.

The Tourism Ministry noted that in December, 2011, the number of American visitors was 584,884, an increase of 11 % greater than December 2010 and 9% more than that seen in December, 2008. The United States continues to be the main source of visitors to Mexico.


Sadly it has also been reported that the cruise lines are still holding out on Mazatlan.

Alfonso Gil Díaz, Director of Administration of Mazatlán’s port, told media today that he has received notification from the executives of Disney Cruises that the cruise line has cancelled arrivals in the port for next year, 2013.



Mom came home last Monday and it has been beyond hectic for her and Dad.  At least 10 people are in and out on a daily basis, Home Care, nurses, lab techs, etc.  By Friday ( yesterday ) Mom was showing signs of fluid retention and experiencing trouble breathing, the lab reported that her blood was getting thick.  Off to the family Dr. at 3:00PM who decided that Mom had to go to hospital. She was taken by ambulance to the ER, checked, tested, and checked again.  No pneumonia but more meds issued for the fluid in her lungs and her severe edema.  She was released at midnight!!  Dad, who can’t drive at night needed to get someone to go with him to pick her up.  Could the hospital not have kept her a few more hours?  Who sends out an 80 year old who had open heart surgery a month ago out at midnight into the care of an 82 year old recovering from 2 hip replacement surgeries in the last year who also can’t see to drive at night?????

Spoke with Mom just 10 minutes ago and she sounds good but admits to football size feet and huge legs.  She claims to have gained 20 lbs of fluid since the surgery.  Her diuretics are being increased dramatically.  Couldn’t talk long as yet another  nurse was there to change her dressing.


You have to read the Spanish Word of the Day, on the right, just below our photo….don’t try my patience!

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  1. Elaine says:

    oh shoot so sorry to read about your mom…sending her home at midnight..thats just nuts!!! Why couldn’t they have kept her till morning…hope the swelling / fluid goes down soon….thankfully it sounds like there is medical personnel dropping in regularly…keep us posted hon…xo

  2. longdog2 says:

    Sometimes you have to wonder if the medical field has any common sense in conjunction with their education. Makes no sense to send her home then. And if that many people have to visit every day, it may not make any sense to have her there at all yet. She surely isn’t getting any rest and neither is your Dad. Sorry this is getting so rough for all of you.

  3. Bob & Marjorie Krull says:

    Good Morning Contessa,
    So sorry to learn about your Mom’s condition. It sounds as though she should be in a rehab facility to closely monitor her condition. Although there are enough people to do that now by the sounds of it, there likely is no “one” body responsible or in charge to call the shots. And yes, the hospital administrator should be shot for the patient release at that time of day, given their circumstances. What a worry for all! Big Hugs,M.

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