Jan 26, 2012


Some of you may have received a strange blog post from me yesterday.  One of my readers thought I was playing a birthday joke on someone.  I wasn’t.  My blog was hacked into.

I did not send this!

What is even stranger is that not everyone experienced it.  I went over to friends in the RV park, he has a Mac and she has a PC and they were both unaffected and my blog post came up normally.  Special thanks to all who emailed me about the problem and especially to Croft for the above photo.

Yesterday was massage day and so to have this happen right after was quite unsettling.  I immediately sent everything to Terry, my tech guy in Canada.  After sorting it all out this was the explanation he sent me…Third party software application such as wordpress is very vulnerable to virus or hacker’s attack.  Keeping the software up to date is the best way to avoid them.  I made the decision to upgrade your wordpress blog today as it will help to prevent the attack to the server.

So then today when I went to add photos to todays post my computer would not accept them….another problem for Terry to solve.  This time it took much longer, hence the delay in this post.  Today he had to make some modifications in the server.  Now thanks to Terry I am back in business.  Terry also created Colin’s great website and know his stuff.  He can be reached here.  He is always there for us.



I get a regular 90 minute massage while Colin gets a cranio sacral treatment. Miiles gracias Maria.











Once the hijacking incident was over we relaxed again with yet another inspired sunset.

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7 Responses to “HIJACKED !”

  1. Connie in PA says:

    Contessa, I saw that yesterday. I thought you were sending birthday wishes to someone, too. Dang hackers!!! Inspiring sunset indeed!

    • contessa says:

      Connie…..at least the hacking never affected anyones computers.

      Croft……no massage cracks, I guess you & Norma must be more exciting.

      Longdog…glad you were spared that.

      George…..modern day tech stuff!

      MArty…..hope your massage was relaxing.

      Allen….welcome to the blog. I like your idea, another massage next week. It was the best sunset ever I think.

  2. Croft says:

    It is good you got rid of it so easily! You should really consider putting in a stronger password. If they got in once, they can get in again.

    Very brave of you to post the massage photo! When I tried that I got all sorts of “crack” comments. Good for you for braving the storm!

  3. longdog2 says:

    Didn’t get the bogus blog post here. Too bad you found out after the massage, kind of eliminated the benefit. Anyway, you got a quick fix on it so all’s well that ends well. Take care.

  4. Glad you got the problems resolved, never know when this stuff with get you!!

  5. Marty says:

    Didn’t hit me, for whatever reason. I get my next massage tomorrow morning. Can’t wait!

  6. Allen DuGuay says:

    Sorry to hear about the hacking, but am glad you got it resolved. Think you deserve another massage after that. Enjoyed your sunset picture. Have a Great Weekend!

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