Dec 31, 2011

Mom Update!


~nothing to report since last night.  Dad on his way to see Mom.

I will be updating here throughout the day and will publish today’s post seperately.


~Dad says Mom is semi alert, not so groggy but is desperate to drink water.  The heart surgeon came in and said the heart is doing well but she has other issues and that all the Dr’s are putting their heads together and still trying to come up with a solution.  He did asked about a previous surgery……it seems that Mom had been operated for this hernia before but all they did was wrap it in gold mesh and push it in.  It has now fallen and is the cause of some of her problems.  Why they did this we don’t know, that surgeon has passed away but this one will look into it!  Perhaps the mesh is keeping the tube from being inserted, I have no idea at this time.  Of course all of this is as told to me by my Dad.

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  1. longdog2 says:

    Here’s hoping that 2012 brings a speedy recovery for “mom”.

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