Dec 31, 2011

Isla de la Piedra – restaurants

Did you know that there are 21 open and fully functioning restaurants here on Stone Island?

The first is here on my left and the 21st is that tallish white building far down the beach, the Maria Coral.

There are at least 4 restaurants in this shot, the tall building is Stone Island Gardens, a hotel attached to Carmelita's, a popular restaurant here on the Isla.

They are often side by side, can you see the small fence dividing these two?

Puesta del Sol is becoming quite popular. We have yet to try the tiny one on the right.

This is the newest one on the beach, it has no name yet but it is huge!

This is the very last one at the far NW end, just a few tables and one older woman cooking and serving, open for business.

There are 6 restaurants between the Maria Coral and Carmelita's; NW of there are another 15. All just awaiting your visit. So many choices. Bueno provencho!

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5 Responses to “Isla de la Piedra – restaurants”

  1. Croft says:

    Ah… Memories of a great lunch, great margarita and wonderful company! Happy New Year!!!

  2. Marty says:

    And every one of them is good!

  3. Susie larose says:

    We’ve only been to 4 so far, did you remember Benji,s!! Are you doing New Years at Hotel??

  4. mary klassen says:

    You may want to add that there are 21 restaurants “on the beach on Stone Island” because there are more restaurants off the beach on Stone Island as well….more economical than the beach restaurants and with food that is just as good…. just my opinion of coarse.

  5. Oh yes they were all pretty good,and we enjoyed everyone we visited. Thanks the trip along the beach bringing back more memories.

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