Oct 31, 2011

Good Morning from Las Vegas!

We actually were driving at 7:25AM yesterday!  A miracle of sorts.  Had a great drive from Ely to Las Vegas.  It is truly amazing how one state can have such extremes of temperatures on the same day.

For those coming this way, Ash Springs is the lowest for diesel @ 3.94 with Las Vegas Love’s being 4.029 cash.  We had a lovely but seemingly endless 222 mile drive under blue skies.

Some interesting scenery along the way.

Ever changing rock formations.

From noon on we did a variety of  errands and then I ran out of energy.  Not use to walking around in 90F weather.  One thing we dealt with was the Verizon issue, another 90 minutes of time.  I will do a post with the details tomorrow.  We also did our mandatory shopping at Trader Joe’s.  Today we are already full up with a to do list.  I suspect we are going to have an RV tire issue which we hope to be able to get to Lake Havasu to deal with there.  We also are on the very final of purchases for the trip into Mexico.  Today we will get our 6 month supply of dog food, it’s prescription and they don’t have it in Mexico other than in Mexico City.  Final fruit, bread, etc. enough to keep us till we get to the Isla on the 5th of November.

As we passed the Speedway coming into Vegas we feared the worse when we saw the smoke but it was only drag racing.

We only drove 281 miles yesterday but with all the stops and go again it felt like 800 miles.  Vegas luck was with us as we almost had to unhook and back up twice but Colin managed to get us through both harrowing situations.  We spent a peaceful night in Camping World and watched the twinkling lights of Vegas in the distance.

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5 Responses to “Good Morning from Las Vegas!”

  1. Connie in PA says:

    Yea, Vegas, Baby! You’re making progress – enjoy your day!

    • contessa says:

      Connie….we are so very very much enjoying every minute of the day!

      George & Elaine……there is method to all the stocking up. Once we are parked on the beach we aren’t moving. Unlike others we just stay put and enjoy. Might not head into town for a month or mote.

      Mari……I bet you had fun racing around that track. So looking forward to the Isla but will certainly miss you all this winter.

  2. Now that you have warmer weather you should be able to slow down. With all the supplies you are picking up you almost need a trailer.

  3. Mari says:

    You should stay in Vegas long enough to drive a Nascar at the speedway! Dale and I did just that in June as we flew there for the day for some speedway action. Enjoy the rest of your trip south you two.

  4. Elaine says:

    Great pics love the scenery…slow down..enjoy the drive…wow alot of shopping going on…glad your both safe and sound…huggles to you both and the furkids…:) stay safe…

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