Oct 30, 2011

It’s getting warmer….

..not hot but warmer!  Although Nancy emailed that the temps in Mazatlan have finally started to cool down….to the 80’s as opposed to the the 90’s.

So we set the alarm for this morning but we still weren’t driving till 9:10AM.  Oh well…..we got off I84 and went along HWY 30 which is called “Thousand Springs Scenic Bypass”!!  Great choice.

Lots of great things to check out..in fact we both missed the turn off and had to do a U-turn right on the highway!

There are several waterfalls all along the highway, very spectacular!

Diesel prices are all over the place from 4.54/gal in Jackpot to 4.05/gal in Wells, Nevada where we had lunch.  It was a perfect day for driving, little wind, blue sky and puffy clouds and 65F!  We drove with the windows open.  Got to the Valley View RV Park in Ely, Nevada about 4:14 PM and within 30 minutes the park was full.  We haven’t been hooked up for over 5 days and decided to give all the systems a full check out.  That means slides out, full hook up, full pressure shower, etc.  By 6:00PM, we were all dumped and refilled.  Nice to have 50AMPS tonight with a forecast of 24F !

I am not a happy camper though, many Verizon problems because we are Canadians and now we need to go into a store somewhere in Las Vegas tomorrow!!!  Spent 35 minutes on the phone again….mucho dinero spent to save money to have wifi!!!  I finally gave up…..just for tonight though.  Also having some formatting problems with my blog!  Time for bed methinks.

Drove a mere 328.4 miles today.  Posted at 9:40PM Oct. 29th and the temp is 41F!

Goodnight from Ely, Nevada

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5 Responses to “It’s getting warmer….”

  1. Only 328 miles thats a long day for us, but then we have no destination in mind.

    Good luck with your Verison stick.

  2. Connie in PA says:

    I enjoy your pictures – the sunset is so pretty! We had Verizon wireless problems today, too. Just couldn’t get online here at home this morning. Not sure if it was the snow, the wetness, the router, or what. After a few hours, we finally connected. I was having fits cause I wanted to check to see where you all were! We loved Nevada!

  3. Marty says:

    You’re getting closer……..

  4. Trent and Teresa says:

    Hi Contessa

    We are thinking of getting the Verizon Air Stick, so please let us know if your problem is resolved.
    Dang…we need our internet !! So glad you are on your way south….Travel safely and Take care !

    • contessa says:

      TnT…I will get back to you with the Verizon info soon! I understand the need for internet.

      Marty…we are hot! 82F at 6:ooPM

      Connie…thank you for all your compliments. Internet good today.

      George…..thanks for the luck, it helped. At least we didn’t do 600 miles like last year 🙁

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