Oct 29, 2011

No room at the inn!!!

Well we chose not to set the alarm so we were a tad delayed in getting up this morning.

We started the day with wishing Colin's Mom, I call her Mommio because she is so hip, a very very HAPPY 97th BIRTHDAY ! Note the curtain we have across the front, it keeps the heat in or out depending where we are. One day soon we will get our slides out!! The girls are on the heating pad under the pink blanket on the left.

On checking our blog comments we discovered that friends Larry and Marilyn were also overnighting in Yakima, as Larry said, it is a small world.  We were on the road by 9AM.  Stopped at noon for lunch and to check on client emails and make a few calls as it was a Friday.  Got diesel in Ontario, Oregon for 4.089 cash per gallon, the best price we found in this state.  Prices are higher in Idaho.

This place was set up next to Love's where we got fuel. Border Line Catering was not our dinner choice tonight!

The plan was to spend the night in the Wal~Mart in Boise, Idaho via exit 50! Don’t go there.  There is no room for a tear drop trailer never mind us.  No room at the inn for us 🙁

So back to the highway and a further 45 miles along.  However we encountered a construction slow down and so instead of setting up at 5PM we arrived at the wonderful huge and empty new Wal~Mart in Mountain View, Idaho at 6PM.  Finally set up in a balmy 58F!  Today was a huge 401 miles, close to average for us.

No further tire beeps although the one RV tire is down 3 lbs since Tuesday.  We will get it checked before heading into Mexico.  We have had some hot/cold water issues with the shower which Colin resolved.  Bottom line is that the shower head was so corroded on the inside that the water was not mixing so we were either screaming from hot or cold.   As of 10PM tonight that has been resolved.  Milles gracias mi amore.

Ken asked why we chose this route via Pendleton, OR, Idaho to Jackpot, Nevada and south?  Mostly because we have errands in Las Vegas and in Lake Havasu City plus I5 is so very very boring and the road is horrid.  Bad enough we take it home in April.

I leave you with this spectacular sunset, shot thru the RV window barrelling down I84 at 60 MPH. Life is so very great. Night all!

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8 Responses to “No room at the inn!!!”

  1. Gotta hate when the campground you choose has no room for you, soon you will have warmer weather!

    • contessa says:

      George…it was one of the older WalMarts and the only one in a big city

      Good Luck Duck….yup sure enough this doxie is getting his treatments….might think about taking our girls in. Thanks for the wine tip.

      Kevin & Ruth….Our usual # of miles but now too much for this body.

      Sandie….thanks for the tip re diesel….I knew about the weather part 🙂

      Croft….actually a good day today and was 62F in Ely at 5PM. Going down to 24F tonight.

      Angie….Gracias….it is always a good trip while in Mexico!

      Marty….you are most welcome but get your knee fixed first!!

      Connie….loved your snow photos….glad I’m not there! Fire and wine, the perfect combo!

  2. That’s too many miles for us in one day. Nice that you are getting into warmer weather though. Love the sunset.

    Kevin and Rutj

  3. Sandie says:

    Wow – that is a whole lot of miles for one day. Diesel gets cheaper the further south you come and the weather gets warmer.

  4. Croft says:

    I wish we could stay off I-5 as well but when you enter the USA on the Olympic Penninsula your choices are rather limited. It should start getting warmer soon.

  5. Angie says:

    Hola Amiga, You guys have a great and safe trip.
    Hugs & blessings

  6. Marty says:

    I’m sitting here with a sweater on, shivering! I wish I could go with the “girls” and be your third puppy-gonna be a cold winter here.

  7. Connie in PA says:

    When we were at Lake Havasu, we collected enough colorful stones down by the river to fill a small mason jar – bought a light/lamp kit – now have a nice reminder of that trip! We did get that snow here today – brrrrr – hubby started the outside woodstove furnace. That called for warming up with some Shade Mountain wine from our local winery! Ohhhhh, love that beautiful sunset pic!

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