Oct 27, 2011

99 bottles of…

..whoops….no that is 99 miles we drove today.  That was our maximum which is actually a new minimum.  Colin is already asking if we can go further than I planned for tomorrow.  He likes to drive his bus but I want to be relaxed and go slow right now.

Up at 8AM but again an easing into the day and we finally left at 9:45AM.  Not as cold as Kelowna at 4C but cool enough for me to dig out my angora socks.  We crossed the border at Sumas, a first for us in the RV.  A joke!!

There is a special lane for RV’s but as we were turning wide so we could get into the lane all these wee impatient cars kept passing and cutting us off.  Finally I opened the window and stuck my hand out suggesting they STOP for us and then it was our turn.  The entire process took only 12 minutes but I always wonder why the border agents do what they do.  Like ask for the RV keys and then walk around the RV and hand them back to us?????  He had taken the keys from the car before us and then opened the trunk but that wasn’t happening with us.  I think he was confused that the toad had a different sets of keys.  Maybe he hadn’t had enough coffee yet!  The main question was about how much money we had in USD and Pesos, once he got his head around the fact that we were actually driving to Mexico.  Then at the last minute he asked how much we had in Canadian dollars.  If we had too much what would they do??

Next stop, much needed diesel fuel.  We were almost on empty.  Sticker shock.  We paid $84.00USD more for 75 US gallons of diesel than we did this day one year ago 🙁  Today we paid 4.299 per gallon but saw it as low as 4.23 and as high as 4.39 per gallon.
As we drove on we had to use the wiper blades a few times but no serious drizzle.  Got to the Walmart ,via the back roads, in Marysville, WA, Exit 200 off I5 about 12:45PM.  I made sure Connie to say a hello to your Uncle and also send him a wave as we passed by Bellingham.  For a minute there Colin thought I had taken up talking to myself!  Anyway so a short 99 mile day.
Cool enough to turn on the generator to keep the weiners warm.  Did a bit of reorganizing and then Colin was off in the toad to buy some dog treats ( got them here Libby and dog toothpaste which was probably the only thing not on my list ), to pick up something electronic for the DVD and off to a chiropractic appointment in Everett at 4PM.  The ringing in his ears is much better because of the help Dr. Gross has given him so we decided to deviate from our normal route south so he could see Dr. Gross again.
Meanwhile I walked over to Walmart to buy a selection of fine wines which we will sample tonight and perhaps purchase several bottles for the trip.  I am about to open a 3rd bottle, hey just sampling this stuff……so far.  I still have to do a major shop at Walmart tonight for my US stuff.  Soon the lists will be finished.  I promise.  I must say that the Oak Leaf Pinot Grigio on sale at 20 cents off @ $2.77/750 ml bottle is not too bad.  I just have to image sitting outside ocean side as I drink it, passable.  Sorry there, had to take a break.  Now I am sampling the Vendage Sauvignon Blanc, 1.5 L bottle which won the Pacific Rim International 2010 Gold Medal.  Very nice, crisp and tangy, perfect afternoon sipping and only $5.47 for that size bottle.  Oops, I opened the wrong bottle, meant to try the Turning Leaf Chardonnay as both it and the Oak Leaf Pinot come in a box.   Best not open it just yet!  The nice thing about the Oak Leaf wines is that they are now being bottled in lighter glass, called Eco- Glass, leaving a smaller carbon footprint and  thus keeping the RV weight down.  Smart thinking.  Hope you enjoyed your wine tasting today.

The girls waiting for Dad to come back.....Caeli is laying on a heating pad!

Colin had a good treatment but was unable to get the right dog treats and forgot the toothpaste.  Oh well.  I did get more shopping done tonight and we have about 8 RV’s here now.  Using the Home Depot free wifi which keeps cutting out…..enough!  Buenas noches.

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7 Responses to “99 bottles of…”

  1. Sandie says:

    99 miles – my kind of day. Love the pic of the girls. Never thought about a heating bad for them. Skittlez loves to curl up with Dad when he uses his corn heating bag. Dad’s lucky if he gets to use it at all. Have a great day tomorrow and be safe.

  2. Looks like a great day so far getting ready to travel, fuels sure are pretty high out there on the west cost thou. Safe travels.
    Oh and thanks for the wine tasting.

  3. Connie in PA says:

    Thanks, Contessa! Yes, take your time – enjoy everything that you can – when we traveled, hubby was always in a hurry to get there. The pic of the doggies is adorable – they look so comfy. Loved the wine tasting part, too! Have fun today!

  4. My new favorite wine is the Sweet Red. At $2.77, what’s not to like? I just don’t mention it to my New York State oenophile friends. My son’s lovely girlfriend is actually an oenologist and viticulturist, but she doesn’t like wine and so doesn’t judge me.

  5. patti says:

    Thanks for the great Vino tips.

  6. Marty says:

    In that area you should be able to find “Columbia Crest” chardonnay. Very nice-we had a couple over one evening and even though the other hubby didn’t drink any the remaining three of us polished off the bottle in no time! Right now I have a bottle of chardonnay I got in Mazatlan, we just never got a chance to drink it because everybody but me was drinking Pacifico beer. Anyway, we have it here, unopened and I’ve already invited that couple over to try it!

    • contessa says:

      Marty…might give that a try tomorrow, I don’t like too much oak in my Chardonnay.

      Sandie… not sure we’ll ever got to Mexico on 99 miles/day

      Patti…de nada

      Good Luck Duck…..is it really a sweet Sweet Red or just a mellow red?

      Connie….I’ll be sure to do it again in April on our return, if we come back 🙂

      George….yes the diesel prices are high, still haven’t seen anything lower. Will check out Oregon and Idaho tomorrow! Glad you enjoyed the wine.

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