Oct 26, 2011

First Day Completed

Finally hooked up and through the gate at 1:15PM!!!  Yes we were on the road!!  Then came the beep, beeep, beepppp, B E E P, BEEP, over and over.  One of the car Pressure Pro Sensors was sending us a message, I need more air.  We did add air and will be watching that tire closely, it may well have a nail in it.

Not 15 minutes out of the service station, Colin calmly informs me that we have a problem as he quickly pulls off the highway to a side road.  You don’t want to know what I thought or said!  He got out and decided everything seemed okay and so we would proceed with caution.  All was just fine.  By 2:15 we are about to turn onto the Connector, 97C, part of the Coquilhalla.

So sad to leave but what an adventure awaits. We really enjoyed the night in the RV on our beach site.

It was cold this morning, -3C when we awoke, the fresh snow on the highway attests to that. We are so fortunate that the weather was sunny today.

It really was a lovely warm autumn day, about 11C when we left.  We took our time this morning, relaxed, eased into the day, did the final preps and went for a walk, said goodbye to friends and neighbors before we left.  By the time we were in the mountains all the kinks were worked through and we were ecstatic to be on the road.  The road to where you ask.  Why were we not headed south but west?  You shall have to stay tuned for the answer.

The fall colours and the fresh snow made for spellbinding scenery!

Four and one half hours later and 194 miles further west we stopped in Chilliwack.  We are in the old Walmart lot which is in the process of renovation so this will likely be our last free night here.  Too bad because we can pick up a faint free wifi signal from Safeway.

Gorgeous sunset! Marvellous dinner, great vino blanco! Mucho frio, down to 2C tonight. I just could not live without the generator nor the girls without a heating pad.

Only thing left on my to do list is to hop into the shower and dive under my down duvet!  Buenas noches!

Tomorrow will be a new city and another country.  Be sure to check back!


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14 Responses to “First Day Completed”

  1. Good you finally got on the road, take care drive safely and enjoy the journey.

  2. Al McClughan says:

    Hi Contessa:

    If the temperature goes down the Pressure Pro sensors will give you a warning because of the reduced pressure in the tire. My unit is beeping right now, once I drive a few miles the tire heats up and the warning disappears. Once you get to warmer climates then the warning will stop (assuming that you don’t have a slow leak due to a nail!).


    • contessa says:

      Al and Sandie….our tires did not beep today. I think that the one tire just needed air and seems to be holding it so far.

      Marjorie & Bob…nice to hear from you….vino on the playa soon!

  3. Connie in PA says:

    Yea, you’re on your way!

  4. mary klassen says:

    oh how wonderful, you are on the road! Safe travels and thanks for taking the time to update your blog…I haven’t been so good at that lately.

    Vino on the playa pronto!

  5. Connie in PA says:

    Forgot – just in case you pass anywhere near Bellingham WA, wave HI to my Uncle John!

  6. Marjorie and Bob says:

    Congrats on getting underway. Safe travels and we will see you on the Isla late Nov.

    Marjorie and Bob

  7. So nice to be back on the road again, isn’t it? It looks like it was just in time, with there being snow on the ground. Way to cold!!!

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Sandie says:

    Al’s right. Our TMSP always beeps and beeps until the tires warm up a couple of miles down the road. Glad you’re on the road and I’m hoping you don’t have any more snow pictures. Just sunshine.

  9. Marty says:

    Yep, snow here, too-over 6,000 feet. Sam told his mom that he wanted to go back to Mexico-he got used to the heat in a hurry!

  10. Susie says:

    Only a few more sleeps in you’ll in sunny and warm weather!!

  11. patti says:

    Glad to see you have made it safe and sound so far. I will follow your progress. Miss You

    • contessa says:

      Miss you too Patti but not the -5C!!

      Susie, 2 more sleeps after tonight

      Marty….poor Sam….put him on a plane, we’ll pick him up.

      Kevin….you have no idea ( well I guess you do ) how much we love being in the RV

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