Sep 28, 2011

Does anyone need a job?

Here at Holiday Park we are surrounded by cedars and they all need to be trimmed.  It seems that no one wants to cut them any longer.  Last fall we had a new company come into the park but they are too busy this year.  Most of the people have retired and it seems no one else wants the job.  We finally found an employee of the park who will do the job for extra cash but he only does it after hours or on his days off.  Translation….it takes a long time to get the hedges cut!  Good thing I hired him in early July.

So far we are 50% done 🙁

He does a great job but I’d like it done before we leave in a month.  If anyone wants to get into the hedge trimming business this is the place.  All my neighbours need theirs trimmed also!  Anyone?

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3 Responses to “Does anyone need a job?”

  1. patti says:

    Simon will take up Hedge trimming 101 when he arrives in October. At least we will not have to pay.
    Even a bad haircut grows back in, Right

  2. Sandie says:

    I think I’ll pass on this opportunity. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the offer but we are to busy reading books and enjoying retirement!

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