Aug 29, 2011

They are here!!

Dear Patti & Simon,

Welcome to your new home in Holiday Park Resort!  So happy to have you as neighbours!!

They were suppose to arrive on the 23rd but unknown to us they arrived a day earlier. It seemed to take them no time to set up. Almost looks like they have been here forever.

You can imagine our surprise when first thing the morning of the 23rd Patti is knocking at the door.  I was still in my nightie and hadn’t even brushed my teeth yet!!  Great to see them and of course the girls remembered Patti from Mexico.  We met Simon & Patti two winters ago, but as we were in different RV parks, we only came to know them this past winter when we moved to RV1 and the waterfront site.  This past April they surprised us when we arrived here back from Mexico with a huge announcement.

Pizza, caesar salad and wine for a quickly put together dinner.

Somehow we were even able to create a wee bit of entertainment...

We have seen mink in the park before but not on our beach site. The girls cornered this critter between the kayaks. It's screams were horrendous. Colin had to physically remove the dogs and put them inside for safety, Mink have sharp teeth, finally is scurried away. Sorry about the poor photo but it was the best we could do in the heat of the moment!!

Then for the first time this summer, we saw the beaver coming past. It was a great evening, even though Colin had to leave a tad earlier to do some computer work.

Patti & Simon are adjusting to living here and seem to be enjoying themselves.  Patti says ‘I love it here’, Simon says he doesn’t really like the 34C days so much!  They are making good use of the various swimming pools.  Don’t worry folks, it will cool off soon enough!  So happy to have you here.

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4 Responses to “They are here!!”

  1. Good neighbours is a blessing, more important you can not “devorse” them if you do not like them…

  2. Always nice to have friends drop by for an impromptu get together.

  3. Susie larose says:

    Great to have friends back and pic,s are great of lake site etc.. any bites on your site??

    • contessa says:

      Now that Patti & Simon are living here we should be seeing more of them….however they are choosing to winter in Arizona this winter rather than Mazatlan 🙁

      Lots of interest Susie but waiting on an offer!

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