Aug 26, 2011

Too busy…

…to post or to relax or even read other blogs!!!  It has been about 33 -34C each of the last 4 days which makes it tough to push and get stuff done.  You just want to sit and languish.

I have really wanted to post each day and have lots to share with you but time is moving too fast.  I intend to get back on track soon.

We did have the 2 official showings which were great as both people are committed to moving into our resort park.  However they both have a current home to sell first.  The three sets of people who came through just by seeing the For Sale sign have not been back, yet!!  We are maintaining a positive attitude.  However it has taken a huge amount of time in preparation each day.

Colin left at 4AM yesterday to do some photography in Vancouver, he will be back tonight but is shooting a wedding tomorrow, so the hectic pace will continue.  We have great friends here who have pitched in the past few days with plant watering, dog walking and house preparation.

Colin took a photo of this little guy while on a photo shoot. He is only about 3 -4 inches but what a tail! Who knew we had such critters so far North.

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5 Responses to “Too busy…”

  1. Thank you for your comments on my blog.
    I hope the sale will go as you planned.
    I have ALL winter to plan my next summer RV trip and find nice C.G,usually I mark my Points of Interest on the map and then connect them with byways.
    Stay in the air condition…..

  2. Susie larose says:

    Yikes, I didn’t know you had critters like that, anyone know what it is!!Keeping things neat and tidy when selling is a pain in the butttt!! We sold our last place in 2 weeks thank god, but then its the packing , you will have to store alot until you build?? ELE

  3. You bring that little guy back from Mexico?? Your place will sell to the right buyer at the right price, time will tell. Good luck.

  4. Marty says:

    I haven’t had the energy to blog, so I don’t feel left out if you haven’t looked at mine! Since I had less work time this week I’ve been catching up on sewing. Got pictures, but don’t feel like blogging about it. Maybe in the morning. What do the girls think of your little lizard?

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