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Jul 23, 2011

The Green Thing

I found this on a Mazatlan forum called ‘What’s Up’.  It was posted by someone who had it sent to her by a friend and I am reposting it here.  Definitely worth a read. The Green Thing ================ In the line at the store, the cashier told the older woman that she should bring […]


Jul 22, 2011

A new view…

For Colin’s birthday today I had to come up with a great gift.  As I can’t get out right now, it had to be something easily accomplished and cheap but meaningful. Happy Birthday Colin, hope you enjoy your new extended lake front view.


Jul 20, 2011

Papa Murphy’s

Papa who?  Not my papa!  Maybe the pizza guy’s papa. Papa Murphy’s is a fabulous pizza place.  The idea here is that you pick up your pizza and bring it home to cook.  I’m sure it has been around for a while but it is new to us.  Someone recommended it to us a few […]


Jul 19, 2011

My future..

I am hanging in, could be better but could also be worse.  Thanks for all your comments, hugs and emails.


Jul 18, 2011

Home sweet home…

Home since yesterday afternoon and not a minute too soon.  All went well as far as I know.  Lots of pain and few meds.  How do people survive at home without a hospital bed?  Not easy at all.  I lucked out in hospital and had a semi private room but the other lady was strung […]


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