Jul 29, 2011

A Blast from the Past!

That is how she started her email to me just a fews weeks ago.  My friend Jannose Lebray, a definite blast from the past.  It has been over 12 years since we were last in touch.  Thank goodness she Googled me, found this blog and from there came her email.  What a wonderful surprise!  We have known each other for over 30 years, perhaps closer to 35 years.  I was there for the birth of her first son and again her second son just a few years later.  We all lived in Alberta then and use to vacation here in the Okanagan at a time share on Kalamalka Lake.  She was one those great friends that you have in life, she taught me a great deal starting with how to make the best fried egg sandwiches ever!  In fact I once remember asking her what that thing was in the back yard at her parents. A 5th wheel she patiently explained to me.  Perhaps that is where my love of RVing comes from?  Over time I married, I moved to Vancouver, moved to Tsawwassen, to Ladner and then back here to the Okanagan.  Colin and I were quite busy with the business and when we weren’t working we were gone in the rv.  Not much free time to socialize or to look up old friends.  Basically we were either working or away Rving.  Jannose and Colin ( both of our husbands have the same name ) were busy raising their family and in the past few years have retired and now have time to travel.  Once again I thank you Jannose for taking the extra effort to find us.  While on a road trip through this area they dropped by for lunch this past Monday.  It seemed like we had never been parted, yes lots of details to catch up on, but in general and with the things that count in life we are all on the same page.  The four hours they were here just flew past, it was so difficult to say goodbye but we now know that the future will hold many visits whether here in Canada, the US or even Mexico. It was a blast from the past Jannose and thanks so much for creating the blast!  See you soon!

We were having such a great visit that we forgot to taken photos. This was shot just as they were leaving.

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  1. Gotta just love reconnecting with people from your past and amazing to catchup in such a short time to make the years disappear!

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