Apr 24, 2011

Good News for Stone Island

Here is a Google translation from the April 22 Mazatlan Noroeste newspaper.  I wish the Isla a wonderful Semena Santa.

Cross thousands to the Isla de la Piedra
They expect to 5 thousand visitors for today and tomorrow, the strong days
Melissa Sanchez
MAZATLÁN. _ since the beginning of the week increased significantly the flow of people crossing to the island of the stone to enjoy Sun, sand and sea.
So said the President of the Union of boat of the CROM, José Alfonso López Tirado, who noted that on Wednesday an estimated thousand visitors arrived to the island by means of maritime transport.
He noted that the South Beach Pier has 12 boats to offer transportation service to locals and tourists requesting.
“We are regular, hoping to reach more people.” “Besides, here is the place where people find cheaper the ticket price for cross… charge 25 pesos of round-trip”, stressed López Tirado.
The leader stated that the “saints” days are the most productive for the boat, it is estimated that today move to the island of stone between 5,000 and 6,000 people.
“Friday and Sunday are the most powerful days, so we hope to increase the influx.” “Saturday is still good, but lowers the volume of people,” he said.
Meanwhile, yesterday shortly after noon, the box office of the pier had already recorded an approximate thousand ticket sales, without accounting for the number of children who are not charged passage.
This was evident with the great number of people who swarmed the beaches of the island of the stone. From a very young even adults enjoyed the benefits of the place.
In the course of the morning, the palapas wore filled visitors, available spaces for sunbathing were gradually reduced and the sea was suddenly filled with swimmers.
Tourists and mazatlecos also used to carry out the various activities offered on the island of stone, such as horseback riding, in the “banana” and to play beach volleyball.
“Many people has been for days, but we believe that tomorrow (today) should be better, that many more tourists come,” said a trader of the place.

The Isla on Good Friday 2010, photo by Peggy Rohrer, fellow Rver.

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  1. Larry says:

    Happy Easter to you and Colin. With all those visitors, imagine the view from your patio on the Isla.

  2. mary klassen says:

    oh my gosh….I’m sure my front yard there was packed. Would have been a hoot to be there.

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