Mar 29, 2011

Mazatlan to San Carlos!!

We hit the road at 5:55AM and took an hour to do the dreaded road from Tres Amigos to Estrella, 60 minutes for a mere 10 miles or so!!  All the concern re the Mazatlan construction seemed a bit overdone.  The work is just north of Pemex #5432 on HWY 15 near the Ley store.  It will be a bonus to all travelers when complete but meanwhile it is a bit of a mess but quickly passed with no worries.

It's all in the merging....but will you check out the workers!!!

As opposed to all the military & police we saw in October, today there were very few in evidence.  All the toll booths in Sonora did have police standing alongside, perhaps a state requirement.  Just past Gusave we saw two men being detained with several machines guns as their truck was searched.  Sadly we saw two terrible accidents, one involving a semi, the other a passenger van….both on a perfect stretch of highway.  A sober reminder to drive safely.

We never knew what we were going to see next along this fast toll road…..

Colin quickly hit the breaks...

It took us a minute to figure out why the policeman was stopping us!! The hearse was followed by mourners on foot.

The girls did really well today considering that they have been free to roam a beach for five months and suddenly they are stuck in an RV for 11 1/2 hours with only a total of 45 minutes stopping time for fuel, food and bano breaks!!

Caeli always travels sitting between Colin's knees while Carmeh is either on me, the dash, or her bed on the stool between our seats. Today she was resting her head on Dad's armrest.

We were boarded once today for an agriculture check, they only were interested in taking oranges, apples and pears, the rest including limes & pineapple were okay to keep. At any other check whether military or agriculture we were simply waived through.  Our fuel tank is 100 gallons so we only needed to stop for diesel the once and I noted that compared to last year this exact same portion of the trip cost an extra 300 pesos in fuel but the exchange rate is better right now so….who cares!!  The trip is worth every peso.

Finally at about 5:35PM we pulled in to the Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos.  The first people we see are Terri & Mike Church who are more than surprised to see us.  They thought we might be another day out.  Then we were surprised to find 2 couples, who had left Tres Amigos RV2 yesterday, had arrived about 10 minutes before us!

Kitty & Mike, Susie & Roger spent last night in Celestino Gasca but Barb & Don drove on to no one knows where!!

By the way will someone let Tim & Cheryl know that they have friends from Colorado waiting here to see them later in the week!!!  So we arrived, paid and parked and then I decided it was time to relax!!  While Colin took the girls for a walk I said a brief hello to the Tres Amigo friends and had a long visit with Terri & Mike…oops, no photos this time…too relaxed!!!  My darling husband let me sit and relax while he set up, fed the girls and came to see if I was ok…we went home where he encouraged me to get this blog done.  So after driving all day he made our dinner and then did the dishes.  I am so lucky to have him, the girls and this great life.  Milles gracias mi amore!

Today we drove (well he really did the driving) 541 miles.

Nest stop, the USA!!!

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11 Responses to “Mazatlan to San Carlos!!”

  1. Really nice to run into friends along the way, but thats a long drive for one day, we would take at least 2-3 days. Enjoy the trip and be safe.

  2. WOW, that is a long driving day! I thought we had a long one when we did 341 miles. Glad everything has gone well so far. The puppies sure look comfy.

    Kevin and Ruth

    • contessa says:

      Kevin & George, yup…a very very very long day….now in the US and only 389 miles, almost too tired to blog…Thanks for checking in on us!

  3. Chris says:

    I will really miss your tales of Mazatlan. While we have never met, I am a faithful reader. Alas this year it seems my husband and I will only make it once to Mazatlan in December instead of twice like usual. Thank you for keeping your blog up so others like me can live vicariously through you.

    God speed in your travels.

    Chris from WA.

    • contessa says:

      Chris, how lovely to hear from you. So glad you enjoyed my Mazatlan posts. I will keep posting throughout the summer…we are traveling north up I5!!

  4. Marty says:

    So glad everything is going well. I look forward to your posts about life in B.C.

  5. Marty says:

    You’re going up I-15? You will pass only about 60 miles from us-I-15 goes directly through Butte and Helena, both about an hour’s drive from here.

  6. Marty says:

    Oops, sorry, I read that wrong-you said I-5. Yeah, a bit farther from us! That one is about 13 hours away at its closest. Got all excited for nothing…..

  7. Susie larose says:

    Hola!!!Thank,s for picture.. Rog wants to know what and where Collin got his drivers cushion?? Thank,s again for great pic,s.. What is your camera?? Looking to buy one in USA.. We cleaned 3 hours yesterday and on our way into a site in Mesa for a few day,s….FLK

    • contessa says:

      Roger that is the actual RV driver seat, my passenger one is the same but a bit wider to accommodate me and a weiner. That is why we don’t get tired and can travel comfortably for 11 1/2 hours!! My camera is a Canon Power shot SD980 IS 12.1 mega pixels.

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